Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kate starts School.

We're going to the school school school...

So on the first day of school, after we sent Kayden off to his new school, it was round 2 with lil miss K.

At twenty six months, my heart ached to send her off to school. However, I knew that she would be ok in the hands of the teachers that I've known so well for the last few years. Plus, she's a bright cheeky kid so I knew she would adapt.

Dressed in her new uniform and her adorable owl-motifed bag, we headed off to school.

Day 1
The husband, my sister and I were there on the first day. The lil one was all enthusiastic about exploring her classroom. She was quite restless and didn't wanna sit down for story time or singing songs. It was a big adjustment to her system as she's used to taking a nap at this hour.

Can I get some service around here, please?
Thankfully, she was happy mingling with the other kids and even sat down to eat her lunch. She must be famished cause she had 2.5 servings. Haha!

Overall, it was a good day. She loved having her Yiyi around to lounge around with and to be at her every whim and want.

Day 2
We were told that only one parent could accompany the kid.

It was a good start of the the day. After showing her where to place her belongings, the chinese teacher scooped her up and ushered her to the morning assembly area. And she d i d  n o t cry. Amazing!

So I stepped back after observing this and left her in the care of her teachers. She did look around for me when she's moving from place to place but didn't cry when she didn't catch a sight of me. (Although at one point, she was going to the toilets and saw me, she wanted to dash towards me but got distracted by her teacher.)

It was smiles and happy jiggles when I picked her up. So, overall, a great day for the lil one.

Day 3
We askedd her in the morning if she wanted to go to school. And she said No. I guess she knew that this was going to be a permanent arrangement and wasn't too happy about it.

Nonetheless, she was happy for my helper to dress her up and get her ready for school.

Once we got to school, she made a beeline for the indoor playground. I just let her be whilst I put away her belongings. After a lil while, I came to get her and brought her over to her teacher.

This time round, she wailed. And was clinging onto me for dear life.


I passed her over to her teacher quickly. I knew that if I lingered, I would've sent her a mixed message that Mummy would be around for the school period. So I went to hide behind a cupboard whilst seeing how long it took for her to settle down in the arms of her teacher.

Two minutes later, she stopped and was ok to be sitting on her own.

I didn't stay on that day. When she was picked up, she was happy as a lark so I guess it's really all about the point of separation.

Day 4
It was Jake's turn to start school. Which was great comfort to the lil fella.

She was a lil reluctant to go to school this morning. And she cried again when I passed her over but stopped after two minutes again.

When I picked her up, Jake was holding onto her bag whilst she was jumping all around. And that was the end of the first week of school.


  1. olimomok10:21 AM

    Good job, Kate! And good job, Mummy for doing all the school runs!!!

    Sean is getting a bit weary of the idea of taking the school bus and going to school. We are trying to be as patient and as encouraging as we can. We find getting him to bed early really helps (so he does not wake up a grouch).

    Give it a few more weeks and I think the kids will be alright :)

  2. Kate's also always saying no when we ask if she wants to go to school. Thankfully, today she didn't cry when I passed her over to her teacher. I explained that I would pick her up and she would have three hours of fun!

    We'll keep out fingers crossed that they will grow out of their anxiety. :)


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