Saturday, January 07, 2012

The end of the week

Wake Up Sleepy head!!
OMG I have never been more thankful that it is Saturday.

We got up at 8 this morning and, already, it feels like it's such a treat.

The most brutal part of the new routine is waking up at 630am daily. We wash up, prep brekkie, wake the boy up, he gets ready and have some food before we leave the house at seven. For this week, both D and I sent the boy to school everyday.

Thankfully, we are still relatively 'young' to get used to the new wake up call. Still, an arvo nap is required to charge our batteries.

And, of course, the much needed coffee after dropping him off. (Especially when the husband had two late nights in a roll.)

I hope it gets easier as the year goes by. Here's hoping!

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