Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CNY Day 1

Can you tell we love CNY around here. =)

We had plenty of visitations to do on day 1. Thankfully, it was only my side as the husband's maternal side of the family was away and the paternal side was in Malaysia.

First up in the morning, we got the kids dressed and they presented oranges to us as we bless them with well wishes for the coming year. It seemed like such a silly tradition but we thought it would be nice for the kids to go through the motions to experience CNY the olden ways.

Kayden starts first.

Mei Mei did last. (No pics of Jake cos he was crying)
I spent the eve dolling up the house with lots of flowers. Thank goodness for the husband who didn't mind a visit to the busy nursery. We hauled back heaps of flowers for the apartment.

Visiting usually starts at my uncle's place. (Now that grandma is not around.) It's the once a year thing where we meet with my cousins and see how fast the nieces and nephews have grown. It's a good catch up. And we watch bad TV every single year.

Then due to a miscomm, we had to take a train to my auntie's place whilst D went to send his mother to the airport. I was not pleased but the kids had plenty of fun training it to our destination.

The cousins and we caught up over lunch. It's always a feast over at the Tan side. There's food to last the entire 15 days of new year. It was delicious as always and we managed to take a complete family pic!!

All of us.

That was that for Day 1. It's off to the Kampung the next day.


  1. olimomok10:06 AM

    Aww, why was Jake crying? Kate looks adorable in cheongsam and pigtail buns - so fun to have a little girl to dress up!

  2. @olimomok he was sulking cos we told him to stop eating his seaweed to 拜年 and it ended up in a burst of tears. :( but yes! It was really fun dressing K up in her cheongsam. Something i plan to do till she objects. :)

  3. We get the kids to 拜年 with the oranges too! We still do it with our parents as well. I think it's a nice tradition to exchange good wishes for the new year. Your flowers look lovely!

  4. You look awesome in that qipao! I would want to keep those cny traditions and let Thaddeus experience it too when he's old enough to understand.

  5. @beanbean - it's a pretty cool tradition to pass down, I feel. Especially when they are starting to know the meaning behind it. :)

  6. @candice - haha I'm in two minds about wearing a cheongsam next year cos it's too tight for feasting. :D! My buttons felt like popping after lunch. Lol! But yes! I realise I'm a sucker for traditions now that I have kids. So different from when I was young. :)


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