Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Night of Wedding Fun

After the solemnization at Cookyn Inc, we went home to take a short nap before prepping for the evening.

As we were not needed to help at the reception, it gave us a lot more time to go get our hair done.

Held at the ginormous grand ballroom at Marina Bay Sands, we had such a fun night eating and dancing away with our newlyweds. I guess weddings are always more fun when you have been there right at the beginning. =)

Here are pics of the night.

My parents came along!!

Love this picture of us four.

Groomsmen... eerrr.... secret agents!

Isn't the Tan Yoong cheongsam amazingly beautiful?!


  1. Tan Yoong's cheongsam is gorgeous. The gown is presumably by him too yah? His signature romantic look.

  2. Yes it is! The details and fit on both dresses are immaculate.

  3. Hi there, just to check are you using the Sands Ballroom (level 5) at MBS? Is it true that you need 100 tables to book the Sands Ballroom?

    1. I do believe it's at least a minimum of 80. My gf had a really big do so MBS was the only venue that could fit!


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