Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twas a Beautiful Day to Get Married

Saying their vows

It was one of those special days that you wake up to.

One where two of you very very good friends were about to begin the rest of their lives as one.

And you know that your friendship means everything when you tear up upon seeing her in a white gown.

It was her dream come true.

I had one just like that on Saturday.

We'd arrived at her home at the break of dawn. The gals had gathered to plot our gatecrashing games with the boys. It was a game of revelry with the brothers in a fierce and fun session that had us laughing in tears. (I need to show you a video of the Haka!) Seriously, those brothers gave a really good fight with the ang pow $$. Grrr...

Then it was off to Cookyn Inc, after all the formalities were done.

Amanda and her team did such a good job with the place. Everything was beautiful. The food was, as always,  splendid and generous.

Sweets Galore by ET Artisan.
Lil K was serving as a flower girl. So she had her pretty little white dress on. I was pretty afraid that she wouldn't walk down the aisle but fortunately the lil one obliged. It helped that she had Lauren to hold hands with.

Auntie D and her lil flower girl

About to walk down the aisle

You know that it's been a wedding a long time coming when the father of the bride teared when he went to veil her and when my gf Ros teared up as they exchanged vows. It was just incredible how far along we've all come as friends. Ever since Melbourne, we have been through all of our ups and downs together. It's truly like frenmily now.

It was chow time after. And where else but Cookyn Inc has the best spread in town? Merv had this pork roulade that was out of this world and the bride commisioned ET Artisans to serve up a full dessert spread. It was yumz!

Job Well Done!!

With the beautiful Auntie Pat.

Bridesmaids Rock!


  1. What a special wedding!! ;) the decor looks cute! that and if course the little flower gal!!

  2. you look gorgeous in purple! were the bridesmaid dresses tailored? i love the sheen on the fabric!

  3. @little projects - It was! Gorgeous setup and even the lil one coorperated!! Yeah!!

    @ BeanBeam - Yup! The bridesmaids' dresses were all tailored. I used duchess satin for mine so it was slightly more structured. =)


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