Friday, December 30, 2011

Kate's Kinder Orientation

Kate has her kinder orientation today.

I can't believe that it's finally here because all this while, she's always been my little sidekick in sending her brothers to school. But now, the time has come for my little gal to leave my side and be a big girl now.

Because the boys have been in the school for the last three years, the teachers were all asking which class the little Miss would be in.

Needless to say, Lil K is very familiar with the school surroundings so we didn't have to worry about her being scared.

In fact, she knows where all the playgrounds are and made a beeline for them.

It was mainly administrative today. However, it was a good opportunity for the kids to get to know the classrooms they would be in, as well as, the teachers that would be looking after them.

Kate was just busy sieving through the toys in the classroom. Then she went on to doodle on the whiteboard. The assertive gal was so territorial about her whiteboard that she went 'No' to anyone who came close.

Drawing an 'apple' according to her.

She also had some water play at the little playground behind, which she enjoys tremendously. My water baby.

What does the cup do, Mama?
Admittedly, I am a little worried about how she will cope being on her own because she has always been very adamant about me being around for her classes. But I know she will be ok once she gets used to her new routine. I just gotta be firm and let go so that she can enjoy school.

Well... we will know in just a couple of days.

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