Friday, December 09, 2011

Hi 5!

Lil K has been mad about Hi 5 lately.

She can sing and dance to all of their tunes on DVDs. Someone has been memorizing all the dance moves.

So when D mentioned that they were in town for a bit, we'd managed to make a date that we would take the kids down to Milenia Walk to catch the show. And meet Lil S for the first time!

We were there early because we were in town prior. By then, there was a snaking queue that went all the way to Cadele. And it was 3pm.

The show starts at 4!!

Anyhoo, the first 60 families in the queue gets a photo pass. I was pretty certain that we were not gonna get one. But we did! We were the 54th in line. Who knew??

Before we knew it, the show started. K couldn't believe that her DVD personas came to life. In fact, I think she found it a little surreal to see the entire Hi 5 cast up on stage.

It was a fun show. Full of songs that the kids recognize, sang and danced along. The lil one was dancing along for the first few songs and then she kinda got a lil restless (cause she got woken up from her nap when we went to get our seats) and kept wanting to go home. In fact, at one point, she was using my phone to watch youtube videos of Hi 5. But, thankfully, that lasted for a short while.

We got our picture taken after the show, which the kids were really excited about. K kept trying to get on stage to say Hi to the guys. But when the moment came, I had to sneak into the photo cause she didn't want anyone else to carry her.

Hi Five!

If you wanna catch Hi 5 in action, they will be at Milenia Walk everyday till the eleventh of December at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

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