Friday, December 30, 2011

Flab to Fab

Before and After
I started pole classes nine months after Kate was born.

At that time, I was rather interested in adding variety to my workout routine. The classes looked fun and challenging so I went for a trial class. After that, the rest, they say, is history.

I found that my upper body got toner as the weeks went by. I knew my arms were stronger as I could do the more complicated tricks. By and by, the waistline started going slimmer. It was a a great way to lose weight... even though it was hardly the intention in the first place.

It has been over a year since then and recently the studio requested for some before and after shots for a project. I rummaged through my picture folders and found an old picture of when I first started.

It was quite an eye opener how much fuller I was back then. Something that I didn't even notice until  yesterday.

I am definitely happier at how I look now. I'm definitely not the skinniest gal out there but hey! after three kids... this is a good place to be at. Plus, its helps that it was quite a fun journey getting here. =)


  1. You look fabulous now!

  2. looking very hawt Pam!

  3. wow, your face is sharper now too... great progress!


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