Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Round of Hi 5.

So... after the Hi 5 concert last week, the boys made me sign up for another event called Hi T with Hi 5.

I have to say that it was one of the rare moments where we (cause I consulted the husband on it) indulged in their whims. I didn't know what to expect but after reading a review by Delphine, it did look pretty fun for the kids.

So, yesterday,  we were off to Milenia Walk to see the cast up close and personal, with a buffet on the side for the kids.

It wasn't a great start. The microphones were not working and one of the cast members, Lauren, was sick. So really, it was Hi 4, instead of 5. Ha!

But the remaining four guys were just great. They sang acapella. Played games with the kiddos. Danced to a couple of their songs. The guys were exceptionally great with the kids. Lots of warmth and smiles for the kids with funny antics to make them laugh.

Right after, the kids got to mingle around with the Hi 5 Cast. Taking pictures and getting autographs. They got cuddles and individual pictures which really made their day.

It was great! My boys has plenty of fun. Little K was initially pretty apprehensive about taking pictures but she did warm up in the end. Thankfully!

Lil K loved Casey. She kept going up to her to say Hi.

Was really surprised she let Tim cuddled her. But he's a great bloke.

Jake and I got roped into the picture because K didn't dare to take one on her own.

With the lovely Stevie who was really great with kids.

Big cuddles with Fely.

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