Friday, December 30, 2011

Flab to Fab

Before and After
I started pole classes nine months after Kate was born.

At that time, I was rather interested in adding variety to my workout routine. The classes looked fun and challenging so I went for a trial class. After that, the rest, they say, is history.

I found that my upper body got toner as the weeks went by. I knew my arms were stronger as I could do the more complicated tricks. By and by, the waistline started going slimmer. It was a a great way to lose weight... even though it was hardly the intention in the first place.

It has been over a year since then and recently the studio requested for some before and after shots for a project. I rummaged through my picture folders and found an old picture of when I first started.

It was quite an eye opener how much fuller I was back then. Something that I didn't even notice until  yesterday.

I am definitely happier at how I look now. I'm definitely not the skinniest gal out there but hey! after three kids... this is a good place to be at. Plus, its helps that it was quite a fun journey getting here. =)

Kate's Kinder Orientation

Kate has her kinder orientation today.

I can't believe that it's finally here because all this while, she's always been my little sidekick in sending her brothers to school. But now, the time has come for my little gal to leave my side and be a big girl now.

Because the boys have been in the school for the last three years, the teachers were all asking which class the little Miss would be in.

Needless to say, Lil K is very familiar with the school surroundings so we didn't have to worry about her being scared.

In fact, she knows where all the playgrounds are and made a beeline for them.

It was mainly administrative today. However, it was a good opportunity for the kids to get to know the classrooms they would be in, as well as, the teachers that would be looking after them.

Kate was just busy sieving through the toys in the classroom. Then she went on to doodle on the whiteboard. The assertive gal was so territorial about her whiteboard that she went 'No' to anyone who came close.

Drawing an 'apple' according to her.

She also had some water play at the little playground behind, which she enjoys tremendously. My water baby.

What does the cup do, Mama?
Admittedly, I am a little worried about how she will cope being on her own because she has always been very adamant about me being around for her classes. But I know she will be ok once she gets used to her new routine. I just gotta be firm and let go so that she can enjoy school.

Well... we will know in just a couple of days.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Night of Wedding Fun

After the solemnization at Cookyn Inc, we went home to take a short nap before prepping for the evening.

As we were not needed to help at the reception, it gave us a lot more time to go get our hair done.

Held at the ginormous grand ballroom at Marina Bay Sands, we had such a fun night eating and dancing away with our newlyweds. I guess weddings are always more fun when you have been there right at the beginning. =)

Here are pics of the night.

My parents came along!!

Love this picture of us four.

Groomsmen... eerrr.... secret agents!

Isn't the Tan Yoong cheongsam amazingly beautiful?!

A lil Hiatus

Wow! It has been a while, hasn't it?

I hope you had a lovely christmas because we did, although it was kinda bittersweet because we spent it with the bestest friends and family but yet were all sick.

We were all down with all kinds of bug that it's not funny. First, it started off as signs of the flu which erupted into a full blown stomach flu for Kate. The poor thing was just vomiting e v e r y t h i n g out of her system. It was just painful to watch. When she stopped eating for four days, my heart literally broke and I was just trying to coax into eating anything that was possible. Even junk.

Thank goodness, things got better after I brought her to the PD and Dr L reassured me that the little one was on the mend. When she stuffed four slices of apple and two piece of pandan cake down her lil mouth yesterday, I jumped for joy. My lil eater is back!!

Eating a muffin today!

So, here you go parents, never take for granted the mundane things our kids do.

I'm so thankful that she's eating again that I'm already planning how to get the 1.3 kilos weight loss back into my little gal!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twas a Beautiful Day to Get Married

Saying their vows

It was one of those special days that you wake up to.

One where two of you very very good friends were about to begin the rest of their lives as one.

And you know that your friendship means everything when you tear up upon seeing her in a white gown.

It was her dream come true.

I had one just like that on Saturday.

We'd arrived at her home at the break of dawn. The gals had gathered to plot our gatecrashing games with the boys. It was a game of revelry with the brothers in a fierce and fun session that had us laughing in tears. (I need to show you a video of the Haka!) Seriously, those brothers gave a really good fight with the ang pow $$. Grrr...

Then it was off to Cookyn Inc, after all the formalities were done.

Amanda and her team did such a good job with the place. Everything was beautiful. The food was, as always,  splendid and generous.

Sweets Galore by ET Artisan.
Lil K was serving as a flower girl. So she had her pretty little white dress on. I was pretty afraid that she wouldn't walk down the aisle but fortunately the lil one obliged. It helped that she had Lauren to hold hands with.

Auntie D and her lil flower girl

About to walk down the aisle

You know that it's been a wedding a long time coming when the father of the bride teared when he went to veil her and when my gf Ros teared up as they exchanged vows. It was just incredible how far along we've all come as friends. Ever since Melbourne, we have been through all of our ups and downs together. It's truly like frenmily now.

It was chow time after. And where else but Cookyn Inc has the best spread in town? Merv had this pork roulade that was out of this world and the bride commisioned ET Artisans to serve up a full dessert spread. It was yumz!

Job Well Done!!

With the beautiful Auntie Pat.

Bridesmaids Rock!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Quick Update

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend.

My good friends got married yesterday in one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. The husband and I both teared at some point cause we have been there through their ups and downs.

However, after a really early start and finish to the day, I am physically too exhausted to write an entire post so keep watching this space. I will update soon! xx

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Round of Hi 5.

So... after the Hi 5 concert last week, the boys made me sign up for another event called Hi T with Hi 5.

I have to say that it was one of the rare moments where we (cause I consulted the husband on it) indulged in their whims. I didn't know what to expect but after reading a review by Delphine, it did look pretty fun for the kids.

So, yesterday,  we were off to Milenia Walk to see the cast up close and personal, with a buffet on the side for the kids.

It wasn't a great start. The microphones were not working and one of the cast members, Lauren, was sick. So really, it was Hi 4, instead of 5. Ha!

But the remaining four guys were just great. They sang acapella. Played games with the kiddos. Danced to a couple of their songs. The guys were exceptionally great with the kids. Lots of warmth and smiles for the kids with funny antics to make them laugh.

Right after, the kids got to mingle around with the Hi 5 Cast. Taking pictures and getting autographs. They got cuddles and individual pictures which really made their day.

It was great! My boys has plenty of fun. Little K was initially pretty apprehensive about taking pictures but she did warm up in the end. Thankfully!

Lil K loved Casey. She kept going up to her to say Hi.

Was really surprised she let Tim cuddled her. But he's a great bloke.

Jake and I got roped into the picture because K didn't dare to take one on her own.

With the lovely Stevie who was really great with kids.

Big cuddles with Fely.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pole Performance Week

After a year and bit into pole dancing, I have to say that I am still <3ing the sport.

It is a bit of every thing. Strength training, cardio and dance.

But, mostly, it is really about us gals having a great time. It is a tight knit community of ladies there and I've made some really good friends here.

It's performance week this week. And my ever supportive husband is always there to check out the routines (plus a bit more!).

Can't wait till class starts again next year.

Oh and if you are interested, the studio is hosting an Amateur Night at St James Power house tomorrow. Drop by if you wanna see some exciting pole dances!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Hi 5!

Lil K has been mad about Hi 5 lately.

She can sing and dance to all of their tunes on DVDs. Someone has been memorizing all the dance moves.

So when D mentioned that they were in town for a bit, we'd managed to make a date that we would take the kids down to Milenia Walk to catch the show. And meet Lil S for the first time!

We were there early because we were in town prior. By then, there was a snaking queue that went all the way to Cadele. And it was 3pm.

The show starts at 4!!

Anyhoo, the first 60 families in the queue gets a photo pass. I was pretty certain that we were not gonna get one. But we did! We were the 54th in line. Who knew??

Before we knew it, the show started. K couldn't believe that her DVD personas came to life. In fact, I think she found it a little surreal to see the entire Hi 5 cast up on stage.

It was a fun show. Full of songs that the kids recognize, sang and danced along. The lil one was dancing along for the first few songs and then she kinda got a lil restless (cause she got woken up from her nap when we went to get our seats) and kept wanting to go home. In fact, at one point, she was using my phone to watch youtube videos of Hi 5. But, thankfully, that lasted for a short while.

We got our picture taken after the show, which the kids were really excited about. K kept trying to get on stage to say Hi to the guys. But when the moment came, I had to sneak into the photo cause she didn't want anyone else to carry her.

Hi Five!

If you wanna catch Hi 5 in action, they will be at Milenia Walk everyday till the eleventh of December at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

An Old Fashioned Arvo

In this digital age where it is common for kids to be attached to devices, I'm glad my tykes took a break from pounding my IPad to playing with some good old fashioned toys.

This was an arvo where I'd switched the teevee off, (as I do when they watch it for more than 30 minutes)... I went abouts doing my stuff around the house and when I came back out to the living room, there they were.

Lil K was playing with her fishing rod, pretending to catch a  fish.

'Fish!' she would exclaimed!
The boys, on the other hand, created their own carnival games. They took out their nerf guns and started shooting toy soldiers.

What can I say? I was most pleased!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Staycation at MBS

We took a lil break with a staycation last weekend.

The entire family went along and we pretty much lingered around the hotel for most of the two days that we've spent there.

Up on the 57th floor, it was quite the view. The infinity pool was quite inviting. We caught up over plenty of coffee and tea whilst the kids were busy swimming up a storm. I loved that we were all together at the same spot and there was no real hurry to rush off to another appointment.

Hanging out with her favourite JieJie K.
The kids were very excited to have a stayover, as you can imagine. The noise level was through the roof and we had to tell them to tone it down a lil. Lest we get thrown out. =)

The breakfast spread is worth a mention because there was just so much variety.

Morning faces.
Kids at brekkie.
I'd also managed to sneak in some me time and went to check out the Shoppes at the Sands. Bought a lil treat for myself at YSL. The arty ring was calling out to me for a very long time. And alas I had to succumb. =)

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Gruffalo Comes to Life

Like most kids, my children are big fans of Julie Donaldson's book, "The Gruffalo".

So when I chanced upon a play staged by Tall Story at Forum the Shopping Mall, I knew I had to bring them along to watch it.

It was most amusing to see the book come to life.

My kids were captivated by how the story was told. It was largely a musical with three actors pulling off the roles of the animals. What I loved was how the different creatures had a certain persona attached to them ala the maracas shaking snake.

It was funny and terribly witty.

My kids definitely enjoyed it (All three were very enamoured that they sat right through the entire play) and I thought it was an excellent production that we would normally pay good money for (but was kindly brought to us by a mall).

They are showing twice a day on weekdays at 1pm and 5 pm. And three times on the weekend at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. =) Get there half an hour before show time to get a seating ticket.

Go catch it!
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