Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Primary One Journey: Orientation

My baby's all grown up.

Last Friday was orientation day for the boy.

Other than prepping him with the idea that he's going to a brand new school next year, this is the next step in the process for him to get acquainted with the idea that it's going to be an all boys school.

Lucky for him, he has his cousin with him through this journey. However, both kids would be in different classes as well as sports houses.

On that rainy arvo, we trotted up to school and he got dropped off at the music room to meet his new classmates. He was a little apprehensive about being left behind so I assured him that I would pick him up after the orientation session is over.

 I think it's pretty daunting for a six year old to leave the cushy comforts of kinder and move onto the big school campus where they are the youngest in the food chain. I guess we gotta keep him excited and encouraged about moving to the 'big boys' school.

Meanwhile, us parents were asked to attend an introductory session at the auditorium.

Whilst the boy was going through some icebreakers to get to know his new classmates and brought on a journey around the school, we watched the corporate video as well as one on the history of the school. The Principal gave us an overview on life as an ACS boy.

And so, here's I've learnt a few things about the primary school journey here in SG.
  1. Parental involvement is very much encouraged. - The school has very strong hints about parental volunteering. We were constantly reminded during the talk about it. I'm planning to sign up for some activities to help out as well as to get to know the school. (Plus, the husband is going, 'You're so free, dear. Why don't you sign up for something?" Hmmm... I wonder what gave him the idea.
  2. CCAs especially sports are a great way for the boys to destress. - I really like this point. I think all kids should play sports. It's a great way to build their character as well as to learn team work. Needless to say, D has already asked the boy which sports CCA he would like to join.
  3. Don't confuse the kid  - As in, do not disagree with what the teachers say. I understand this and I agree that kids should be taught to listen to the teachers. Apparently, there have been cases in the kids have conflicting views on the same issue due to what the parents convey and thus this is a reminder to myself that I would keep in line with the values of the school.
  4. Primary one is all about settling in. - Interestingly, the Principal didn't stress about the grades. She expressed that it is more important for the kids to settle in and be comfortable with the new system. Grades will come later, she's mentioned. And don't compare results. Wise words.
  5. Lastly, bring cash to the orientation. - The school would normally organize for the uniform vendors as well as the school bookshop to sell their wares that day. So to avoid the queue, I'd pre bought the uniforms a week before at the retailer. On orientation day, cash is the only form of payment so make sure you bring enough to buy what you need. 
There was much to take in that day. Overall, we were glad the school was what we thought it would be. The boy looked pleased when we picked him up. He kept telling us about the different amenties around the school compound. So hopefully, he will grow to love being in primary school.

Next up, shopping for a school bag.

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