Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Open Door Policy

We ODP'ed on Wednesday last week. =)

After reading all the stunning reviews online, we had no choice to but to make a reservation to taste the food ourselves. And thank goodness, we lived to tell that it's all good. Like really good!

Nestled at a corner shophouse opposite 40 Hands in Tiong Bahru, Open Door Policy exudes the vibe of a modern casual bistro. The metal framed glass door was such a remniscence of the eateries in Melbourne. It exudes a lofty vibe that offers spacious seating and comfortable conversations for the diners.

Between the friends and us, we'd ordered like almost a third of the menu and most of the food were pretty spot on for a wet evening.

The entrees and mains offered on the menu are really simple comfort food. It's intensely concentrated on the core ingredients with lovely subtle sides. Perfect for a rainy day.
Deep fried foccacia sticks with olive oil
Watercress Soup with poached egg
Pork belly with Quinoa and parsnip puree

Chocolate and pistachio Souffle
Haloumi Salad with white anchovy
My personal favorites were the haloumi salad and the chocolate pistachio souffle. Oh my! I thought I was in dessert heaven when they served it. The lime panacotta on the other hand was such a light texture with the coconut sago as an accompaniment. In fact, both desserts were so good... we'd ordered a third to call it a night.

As the bistro is a partnership with 40 Hands, the after dinner coffee was, for once, decent. I had the iced coffee that came along with hazelnut syrup. Yum.

All in all, we had a pleasant dinner. Great grub and good conversations. <3

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