Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Of Art and Soccer

Having three kids makes me quite a busy mum.

I spend most part of my day doing the chauffeuring, feeding and studying gig. =)

Sounds easy but it's pretty exhausting. Especially when each activity take twice as long to complete because I have to ensure that three kids comply.

So the only time I get a break is when the kids are either resting or doing an activity that doesn't involve my participation.

I wanted the kids to have a bit of fun doing activities that don't involve studying or practising.

So I've signed them up for soccer classes (Kayden) and art lessons (both boys).

The art lessons have been such a thrill for them because they get to mess around with paint and crayons. They have a really lovely teacher who's incredibly patient with them and allows them to express their creativity.

Guess who drew what?

As for me, I love (x3) seeing their completed art pieces. I collect them all, after they are dried and file them away. Once in a while, I'll take them out to see. It makes me smile whenever I do it. =)

As for soccer, I think my son sums it up best.

He said to me this arvo, after practice. "Mummy, you know I love soccer and art lessons!"

Spot the boy.
And with that, I think it's safe to say that it's money well spent.


  1. Hi, do you mind sharing where you send your boys for art and soccer lessons? I'm interested to sign-up my son for some extra-curricular activities. We are new here in Singapore so I would really appreciate your recommendations.


  2. Hi! Leave me your email and I'll send details. :)


  3. i think soccer and art are 2 things Noey would enjoy too. the art pieces are so cute!

  4. The boys loved it! Plus, the art teacher who comes over is so lovely! I can pass you her contact if you like? Looks like Noey had fun at Art Bug. :))


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