Tuesday, November 29, 2011

K's First Violin Concert.

I have had quite a wicked weekend. It was filled with my favorite people as well as some of my favorite activities making me feel like it was Thanksgiving weekend in a very nice way.

To kick things off, my boy had his first ever violin concert.

He has been prepping for it for weeks. We have been going for rehearsals weekly and I'm glad that all that hard work paid off. (especially when he's the one who asked me to sign him up.)

All decked out in his spiffy new suit, we were off to the concert hall at Alliance Francais.

He was playing as part of an ensemble and had incredible fun on stage with his friends. I was very excited to see him dancing and playing his violin with his bunch of friends. The funny fella was also trying to keep a lil boy focused when he was standing next to him. He did look like such a mini grown up though.

I was just very proud that he just went and did it. He was very chilled before the concert. Had no signs of  fear or stage fright. Now I wish he would take on the world with this attitude as he goes along.

Part of the ensemble

Getting ready

What he was working for.
His music school mates.

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