Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of an Era

Tomorrow  will be pretty special in my firstborn's life.

It is the last day of kinder for him and after this, he will be starting his primary school journey.

This school has been pretty special. It is his first 'official' school.

I remember when we were in Australia when we chose this school. It was recommended by a girlfriend whose niece was in there. When we moved back to SG, I was really glad that we chose this school because it had such an open campus in an old school building.

Along the way, I'd grown to know that teachers and realized the enormous love they have for their charges. Every teacher that taught my kids have always been really supportive and positive. The kids get greeted very warmly every morning. And the concern shown whenever they fall ill or need help is always present.

I guess a good indication is that the kids love going to school. In fact, between staying at home and the former, they would definitely choose school.

My only beef is that I wish the the curriculum is stronger but my husband seems to think that it's the environment and pastoral care that is more important at this stage of their lives.

So, tonight I went out to town to buy some thank you gifts for the teachers.

I'm hoping that the boy would remember the love and teachings that he's been shown in the last three years as he moves onto the next phase of life.

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