Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Six Year old Writer

A couple of months back, Kayden was struggling with reading and writing in English.

It was, by and large, Mummy's fault because I was putting more focus on math.

So, in an act of desperation, we sent him for phonics. :) Hoping that it would kickstart him with the reading process.

The teachers at the Zoophonics school that we chose were marvelously brilliant. I kid you, not!

They had him reading simple words in 4 lessons.

The program is pretty fun! They always come out smiling at the end of class. The kids do stick with the same teacher as they progress. And you get a good feedback from them after each class about how they are trekking.

In fact, all three kiddos are now attending the same center. :)

And I have to say, he's improved so much that I'm very proud of him.

Here's a sample of what he wrote lately. (I'd initially thought the teacher helped much but she said it's really his thoughts and phrasing.)

Such insightful words from the six year old.

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