Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Princess

Now if you know me, you will know that I'm not a mother who calls her lil gal a princess.

She plays like how her brothers do. Trains and lego are common. Peppered with dolls, baby trolleys and stuffed toys.

Yet, somehow she's been referring to herself as Princess lately. She points to the picture in the alphabet book and then at herself and sighs "princess"

"Who's the princess?" I would ask.

She would say, "me"

It does leave her dear mother a lil puzzled.

Perhaps, it's the purchase of this gorgeous flower girl dress that sparked that thought off.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

K's First Violin Concert.

I have had quite a wicked weekend. It was filled with my favorite people as well as some of my favorite activities making me feel like it was Thanksgiving weekend in a very nice way.

To kick things off, my boy had his first ever violin concert.

He has been prepping for it for weeks. We have been going for rehearsals weekly and I'm glad that all that hard work paid off. (especially when he's the one who asked me to sign him up.)

All decked out in his spiffy new suit, we were off to the concert hall at Alliance Francais.

He was playing as part of an ensemble and had incredible fun on stage with his friends. I was very excited to see him dancing and playing his violin with his bunch of friends. The funny fella was also trying to keep a lil boy focused when he was standing next to him. He did look like such a mini grown up though.

I was just very proud that he just went and did it. He was very chilled before the concert. Had no signs of  fear or stage fright. Now I wish he would take on the world with this attitude as he goes along.

Part of the ensemble

Getting ready

What he was working for.
His music school mates.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of an Era

Tomorrow  will be pretty special in my firstborn's life.

It is the last day of kinder for him and after this, he will be starting his primary school journey.

This school has been pretty special. It is his first 'official' school.

I remember when we were in Australia when we chose this school. It was recommended by a girlfriend whose niece was in there. When we moved back to SG, I was really glad that we chose this school because it had such an open campus in an old school building.

Along the way, I'd grown to know that teachers and realized the enormous love they have for their charges. Every teacher that taught my kids have always been really supportive and positive. The kids get greeted very warmly every morning. And the concern shown whenever they fall ill or need help is always present.

I guess a good indication is that the kids love going to school. In fact, between staying at home and the former, they would definitely choose school.

My only beef is that I wish the the curriculum is stronger but my husband seems to think that it's the environment and pastoral care that is more important at this stage of their lives.

So, tonight I went out to town to buy some thank you gifts for the teachers.

I'm hoping that the boy would remember the love and teachings that he's been shown in the last three years as he moves onto the next phase of life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Six Year old Writer

A couple of months back, Kayden was struggling with reading and writing in English.

It was, by and large, Mummy's fault because I was putting more focus on math.

So, in an act of desperation, we sent him for phonics. :) Hoping that it would kickstart him with the reading process.

The teachers at the Zoophonics school that we chose were marvelously brilliant. I kid you, not!

They had him reading simple words in 4 lessons.

The program is pretty fun! They always come out smiling at the end of class. The kids do stick with the same teacher as they progress. And you get a good feedback from them after each class about how they are trekking.

In fact, all three kiddos are now attending the same center. :)

And I have to say, he's improved so much that I'm very proud of him.

Here's a sample of what he wrote lately. (I'd initially thought the teacher helped much but she said it's really his thoughts and phrasing.)

Such insightful words from the six year old.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jake's Sports Day

Jakeyboo had his first ever sports day on Saturday.

The lil fella was so excited that even a sudden downpour that day didn't dampen his spirits.

The school had organized the event for the kids in nursery and kinder 1. It was meant to let the children have fun and educate them about healthy living and sportsmanship.

There was already a crowd of parents at the venue when we arrived. Everyone was just armed with a digital camera or phone.

After singing a few songs to warm up, the kids got ready for their events. There were all sorts of relay games that the teachers came up for the little kiddos. And they were all so fun. In fact, everybody went home a winner that day cause the school wanted the kids to just have an enjoyable experience with their fellow classmates.

Us overzealous parents were rooting the kids on with lots of cheers and yays! I think poor Jake would've been embarrassed by his enthusiatic parents who were just cheering him on as loud as we can. =p Oh well, this is just the first one, kiddo.

In fact, D and I were very surprised at how agile Jake was. He was as quick as lightning when he was going through the race. And I can imagine D's brain going... This kid has so much sports potential!

Jake had such a blast. When we picked him up, he was busy chatting with this friends and couldn't stop smiling.

And that is one of the reasons why we love having our kids in this school.

Wicked November

November is shaping up to be such a fantastic month.

A few of our old friends from Melbourne are dropping by for a visit and we'd always love catching up with all these lovely peeps from the past. Our time in Oz has been blessed with good friends that will stay with us for life.

M was back from Sydney for work and weddings. It's been a couple of months since B and her left for Sydney and we'd missed our weekend dinner dates since.

This time round, we managed to catch up for drink or two. Catching up on the little bits and pieces of our daily lives. Just like old times. Can't wait to see what life has in store for them.

And tonight, we had dinner with R & L, who's back from Melbourne for a visit. Man! It was incredible just finding out how life has been since we left three years back. So much as changed and yet most things are still the same. It was wonderful seeing them.

B comes back next week and we will do a big catch up with everyone. It will be massive. =)

A's Birthday

A celebrated her 'turning of a decade' birthday last Friday.

We were invited to her fiance's place to celebrate with some of her favourite things.

An old friend from school days, we've come such a long way from our teh xi days. Looking back, we were such carefree peeps who loved nothing more than sitting at the canteen chitchatting.

It was a good party with some of her good friends. Filled with champagne and conversations, it was lovely getting to know some new peeps whom we will see at her wedding next year. =) Great fun!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little Designers

I'd thought I will write about the art classes the boys are taking, as I've been getting emails about them.

I was looking for the boys to have a creativity outlet and since they like mucking around with paints and all... art classes seemed like a good option.

So a friend recommended a studio that does art lessons at home. A teacher will come to your house and conduct lessons once a week.

They kindly offered a free trial class which the boys enjoyed thoroughly.

Every week, teacher S will guide the kids on drawing techniques, color blending and mixing. They will get to sketch and draw a painting followed up with coloring and painting.

The end results are usually pretty incredible. Plus, the kids generally have a great time in their lessons.

A few weeks on, they've started to pull out the drawing block sheets and drawing all kinds of inspiration on. So that to me shows that they must be enjoying their art lessons!

If you are interested, you can contact Vanessa at 9380 7079 or visit her studio at

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


It has been nine years since we'd started going out.

And now that we've done the dating, marriage, pregnancy and kids part... it's kinda nice to slow down and enjoy some couple time.

We've been really fortunate to travel once or twice a year sans kids to get reacquainted and see the world. And, of course, in the scheme of little things like movie dates, drinks, and dinners. It's always the little things that count, ain't it?

Most of all, it's been such a ride living life with a partner who knows your heart so well. And gives you the freedom to do what your heart desires. It's really like a good vintage... gets better with age. I have the privilege to live with a man who is so.

Happy Anniversary, Hun!

Primary One Journey: Orientation

My baby's all grown up.

Last Friday was orientation day for the boy.

Other than prepping him with the idea that he's going to a brand new school next year, this is the next step in the process for him to get acquainted with the idea that it's going to be an all boys school.

Lucky for him, he has his cousin with him through this journey. However, both kids would be in different classes as well as sports houses.

On that rainy arvo, we trotted up to school and he got dropped off at the music room to meet his new classmates. He was a little apprehensive about being left behind so I assured him that I would pick him up after the orientation session is over.

 I think it's pretty daunting for a six year old to leave the cushy comforts of kinder and move onto the big school campus where they are the youngest in the food chain. I guess we gotta keep him excited and encouraged about moving to the 'big boys' school.

Meanwhile, us parents were asked to attend an introductory session at the auditorium.

Whilst the boy was going through some icebreakers to get to know his new classmates and brought on a journey around the school, we watched the corporate video as well as one on the history of the school. The Principal gave us an overview on life as an ACS boy.

And so, here's I've learnt a few things about the primary school journey here in SG.
  1. Parental involvement is very much encouraged. - The school has very strong hints about parental volunteering. We were constantly reminded during the talk about it. I'm planning to sign up for some activities to help out as well as to get to know the school. (Plus, the husband is going, 'You're so free, dear. Why don't you sign up for something?" Hmmm... I wonder what gave him the idea.
  2. CCAs especially sports are a great way for the boys to destress. - I really like this point. I think all kids should play sports. It's a great way to build their character as well as to learn team work. Needless to say, D has already asked the boy which sports CCA he would like to join.
  3. Don't confuse the kid  - As in, do not disagree with what the teachers say. I understand this and I agree that kids should be taught to listen to the teachers. Apparently, there have been cases in the kids have conflicting views on the same issue due to what the parents convey and thus this is a reminder to myself that I would keep in line with the values of the school.
  4. Primary one is all about settling in. - Interestingly, the Principal didn't stress about the grades. She expressed that it is more important for the kids to settle in and be comfortable with the new system. Grades will come later, she's mentioned. And don't compare results. Wise words.
  5. Lastly, bring cash to the orientation. - The school would normally organize for the uniform vendors as well as the school bookshop to sell their wares that day. So to avoid the queue, I'd pre bought the uniforms a week before at the retailer. On orientation day, cash is the only form of payment so make sure you bring enough to buy what you need. 
There was much to take in that day. Overall, we were glad the school was what we thought it would be. The boy looked pleased when we picked him up. He kept telling us about the different amenties around the school compound. So hopefully, he will grow to love being in primary school.

Next up, shopping for a school bag.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Of Art and Soccer

Having three kids makes me quite a busy mum.

I spend most part of my day doing the chauffeuring, feeding and studying gig. =)

Sounds easy but it's pretty exhausting. Especially when each activity take twice as long to complete because I have to ensure that three kids comply.

So the only time I get a break is when the kids are either resting or doing an activity that doesn't involve my participation.

I wanted the kids to have a bit of fun doing activities that don't involve studying or practising.

So I've signed them up for soccer classes (Kayden) and art lessons (both boys).

The art lessons have been such a thrill for them because they get to mess around with paint and crayons. They have a really lovely teacher who's incredibly patient with them and allows them to express their creativity.

Guess who drew what?

As for me, I love (x3) seeing their completed art pieces. I collect them all, after they are dried and file them away. Once in a while, I'll take them out to see. It makes me smile whenever I do it. =)

As for soccer, I think my son sums it up best.

He said to me this arvo, after practice. "Mummy, you know I love soccer and art lessons!"

Spot the boy.
And with that, I think it's safe to say that it's money well spent.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Open Door Policy

We ODP'ed on Wednesday last week. =)

After reading all the stunning reviews online, we had no choice to but to make a reservation to taste the food ourselves. And thank goodness, we lived to tell that it's all good. Like really good!

Nestled at a corner shophouse opposite 40 Hands in Tiong Bahru, Open Door Policy exudes the vibe of a modern casual bistro. The metal framed glass door was such a remniscence of the eateries in Melbourne. It exudes a lofty vibe that offers spacious seating and comfortable conversations for the diners.

Between the friends and us, we'd ordered like almost a third of the menu and most of the food were pretty spot on for a wet evening.

The entrees and mains offered on the menu are really simple comfort food. It's intensely concentrated on the core ingredients with lovely subtle sides. Perfect for a rainy day.
Deep fried foccacia sticks with olive oil
Watercress Soup with poached egg
Pork belly with Quinoa and parsnip puree

Chocolate and pistachio Souffle
Haloumi Salad with white anchovy
My personal favorites were the haloumi salad and the chocolate pistachio souffle. Oh my! I thought I was in dessert heaven when they served it. The lime panacotta on the other hand was such a light texture with the coconut sago as an accompaniment. In fact, both desserts were so good... we'd ordered a third to call it a night.

As the bistro is a partnership with 40 Hands, the after dinner coffee was, for once, decent. I had the iced coffee that came along with hazelnut syrup. Yum.

All in all, we had a pleasant dinner. Great grub and good conversations. <3

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