Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lil K - First Class

Now that things have quietened down on the social calendar for us, D and I took some time to bring the kiddos out for a bit of kiddy activities this weekend.

But first up, K started her first class down at Zoophonics.

Since the girl is starting school soon, I'd observed that she is a little cautious in new situations. It got me thinking that I should let her get used to a classroom environment so that she would not totally get scared when she starts preschool. Plus, it helps that she can interact with the other kids, as well. Cause Ms K is currently in the ME ME ME phase. (Doesn't that always happen to the youngest child?)

K is used to sending her brothers to classes and so she's not unfamiliar with the environment. However it took her a little while to warm up to the idea that this time round it's her who's going to class. D, who was meant to take her for the hour, didn't manage to get her to enter the classroom, so I took over after parking the car.

And I think, because I'm like her cornerstone, she was a more willing to try new activities as I spurred her on.  She would take baby steps at first. Very gingerly. And then as she warmed up, she started to explore further and further away from me.

It helps that the activities are fun and very suitable for kids their age. She had time to dance, pop bubbles, story time, running through the phonetical sounds of the alphabet, an activity picking flowers around the room and a bit of arts and crafts.

Thank goodness, she had a good time cause I was half expecting that she might wanna leave after a short while.  It's wonderful that we managed an entire class on her first try.

And here is what she did on Saturday morning.

Popping Bubbles

Picking her flowers, just like Red Riding Hood
Doing a lil bit of arts and craft.

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