Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kayden Turns Six.

The boy turned all of six a week ago.

(I know... I am terrible with all these updates)

From the time he was born, I'd always talked about how life would when I am thirty. I would be the mother of a son who is at the brink of going to primary school.

It's incredible to see it all happening now.


It's a brilliant age.

The boy is independent and a very sociable fella. He has a group of friends in school that he hangs out with and has an incredible way of making friends whereever he goes.

He is curious and asks a million questions a day about how things work or why certain situations happen. It does take a patient mind to listen and answer his questions accordingly.

And as far as music lessons are going, it looks like he's taking to the violin really well. So here's hoping that he will be able to have a good journey with his strings.

He's  also the stubborn-est (is there such a word?) person I've ever known. You should see the verbal exchanges we have. Seriously, the boy cannot be broken when he sets his mind to do something. It's like watching an engineer concentrating on his mechanics. Drives me nuts sometimes.

He's still very much Daddy's boy. Loves to ask the husband to do everything with him but when it comes to reading, it's still very much Mummy's job. He's picked up so many words this year and is able to complete most books these days. =)

So what did we do on his birthday?

Well... he got to play soccer! And had such a blast with the sport. =) I have a feeling he would be a boy who likes his sports. Best thing about soccer? He got to run and run and run for an entire hour. And, still, it was barely a tinge of sweat for this boy.

And when the night came, we brought out some cupcakes for a lil birthday celebration.

Which was followed by a trip to Hong Kong's Disneyland.

More on that soon!

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  1. happy birthday petal! :) he is such a darling little boy!


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