Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Growing up and Moving on.

Shake it!
Dear Kayden,

It has been an epic few days for you, sweetheart.

First up, you performed in your very first concert last Saturday. Alongside all of your bestest friends, you danced up a storm to the beats of 'Shake it up, Baby.' And boy! can you twist, my son?

Mummy is very embarrassed to post up the video because I was just laughing through my smiles through the entire performance.

I really loved the ending when you twirled your dance partner and she finished off sitting on your lap. Aren't you a little casanova-ish when you were doing that?

First grad cert. =)
You know, I never thought much about you graduating kinder and moving onto the next phase of your (school)life. But when you were strolling across the stage to collect your graduation cert, I cannot help but feel that overwhelming sense of pride that you have finished the first phase of your education.

Daddy always say that you are like a mini me. Your persona and your fiestiness definitely came from my genes. I guess that is why you and I rub each other off the wrong way all the time. Dad and you, however, makes the best buddies. You do everything together and you love spending time with him. The day he left for a work trip, I found you eating lunch with our family portrait in front of you. It made me smile.

I am so much like your quality controller. I make sure you eat well, send you to your classes, thatyou spend time studying and playing your violin. Most of the time, I'm so hard on you, especially with your manners and work ethic. Guess I am not much fun but, I guess, between Dad and I , we gotta balance the whole equation out.

Nonetheless, you still come up and say that you love me and give me the wettest kisses when you say 'goodnight' or when you leave for your classes.

You have grown so much this year. You are taller now. You love reading. You speak with such logic and sensibility that sometimes you end up correcting my mistakes. You understand when we explain why you can't do certain things.

One thing that really stood out this year was when we were in Disneyland and despite us going in and out of the numerous toy stores, you and your siblings have never demanded to buy a toy. I was really enlightened because all this while, Daddy and I have always enforced that you only get a reward if you behave and listen. It was actually Daddy who suggested that the two of you find a toy to buy. Even so, you repeatedly came up to him and asked if it was expensive.

Sounds silly, but it's something that showed that we are raising you correctly.

We went to your primary school today to settle some paperwork. It's such an efficient school. We are so pleased that you got in. The campus looks amazing. Hopefully, you will settle in well and enjoy the array of sports that they offer. I know Daddy would love for you to embrace your sports.

It suddenly seems so real that you are moving on.

Mummy cannot be any prouder than what I am now. I love you so much.

Slow down a lil, won't you?



  1. He's such a matured boy! Hehe how cute the performance!!
    Love his Chinese name - sound of it. Have no idea what it means.

  2. Hee! I should upload the video that D took. I <3 his chinese name too! It's pronounced like Kyan.

  3. :) I like how you put it - quality controller. Indeed, I think we are like that too, mummies make sure thye are fed/bathed etc while daddies do the fun things!

    They really do grow up too fast.

    No matter what, he shall always be your little boy. :)

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Hi Pam, I've been following the progress of your lovely little family. :) Don't forget the poor middle child, would ya?
    Rebecca from Adelaide

  5. @lil snooze - I was trying to think of a better word but really, this is the best way to describe mums, right? :)

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    Ooh he's not been forgotten. But thanks for the kind and timely reminder. :)) xx



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