Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Weekend in Gurney Land

Test tasting @ Gurney Drive.

Penang. Land of the Hae mee and Assam Laksa.

Both of which I adore. Funny that it is never in our travel plans.

All it took was a girlfriend to get married for us to explore this little town in the north of Malaysia.

Be warned. It was a sleepy weekend we had. We had little on the itinerary. Other than the two wedding events, we pretty much slept a lot, wandered around the shopping malls and ate a whole load of Penang Hawker food to last us for a very very long time. Bliss.

The secret to good hawker food is, firstly, to avoid the tourist crowd. We tried the famous Gurney Drive on our first evening and it was really just very average fare.

Feasting out at Jalan McAlister.
Thank goodness, my parents arrived the following day and saved us all from bad Penang food. They brought us to this stretch of street lined with mobile food carts called, Jalan McAlister (close to the Sunway Hotel) and man! the food was just incredible. We had hae mee (prawn noodles), Lor mee, char kway teow, chendol, porridge, fried tofu & chicken wings, desserts and that delicious A-Pom. It was quite a spread and we lost our waist lines that night to all that array of food.

Another find we discovered was the corner coffee store at Jalan Penang. (If you are traveling, just tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the famous chendol store at Penang Road.)

This small nook of a place has only a few choices. A knock out char kway teow that had us waiting for 30 minutes. A pretty decent rojak. I didn't fancy the assam laksa. The husband thinks the goreng pisang in the little roadside cart was delish. And I liked the chendol - which had scores and scores of people queueing for that little bowl of jello filled gula melaka coconut dessert. (I suspect it's because it had a Phua Chu Kang photo there for a reason.

Overall, it was a good trip to discover the authenticity of Penang food. Our verdict. It's all such an affordable steal. And our tummies agree wholeheartedly. =)

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