Thursday, September 22, 2011

T's Wedding

The Tans in Penang.
Our purpose for the weekend in Penang was to attend a good friend's wedding.

T, an old friend from Melbourne was getting hitched.

We go a long way back. Back then, we were carefree peeps who loved nothing more than a party or two. We would do most things together in Melbourne. Going on road trips. Drinking it up at the Melbourne Cup. Those were the days. It's incredible thinking that time has passed so quickly.

Anyway, we brought the kiddos to the luncheon down @ the E&O Hotel. What a beautiful place it was. An old coloniel hotel, much like our Raffles Hotel, that exudes old school grandeur.

The food was delicious and we had such good company at the table. It was just lovely.

All dolled up for the evening

The next evening, we left the kiddos behind with my folks and headed up to the scenic Penang Hill for the dinner reception.

The setting at David Browns was just gorgeous. A white tent was set up for the wedding. Paper lanterns across the pond. A live band that worked the crowd. Plus, the weather was just cool and not humid.

I'll leave you with the pictures of the evening. <3
Isn't this beautiful?
Love this pic!

Having a good time in the company of friends.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    love your dresses! care to share where you get them from? especially your black and white one.thanks

  2. Hi! I've had these dresses for a while. Both r from Aussie designers. ;) The purple one is from Fleur Wood. And the other one is from scanlan and Theodore. xx

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    thanks for sharing. I love your dresses. Where do you usually shop for dresses in sg? thanks

  4. I love Zara here in sg. Sometimes I shop at topshop. But I usually shop when I'm overseas or online.:)


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