Sunday, September 04, 2011

Taking Time Out

I love my husband.

And one of the reasons, I love him is the freedom that he gives me.

One of the things that defines us is that whilst we like to be together, we love doing things apart as well.

It sounds kinda odd but it works for us.

The last two days have been filled with lots of girly chatter for me and lots of boys catch up for him. I got to meet my gals (two different groups) for a good catchup over loads of food and tons of words.

It was great because I had a ridiculous week filled with end to end activities that left me totally emptied out every night. It was exhausting!

And so sitting down with them and just chitchatting about anything that is under the sun makes me feel rejuvenated and all smiley once again. Aren't girlfriends the best thing ever?

My husband, on the other hand, was busy with a buck's night. His good pal is getting married and the man has been out with his old high school buddies planning and ,hopefully, painting the town red.

He comes back with stories about the boys. He laughs and has this sparkle in his eyes, every time after meeting them. It's really like food for our souls. =)

And it makes my heart skip because whilst we are very much a sticky couple who does everything together... it is such a great reminder that we allow each other to have individual time with other people that we love too. =)

That, my friends, is my tip of the day for a healthy relationship.

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