Friday, September 09, 2011

An Outdoor Bath

It was sweltering hot that day.

After running around the compound playing with her cousins, the little one was all hot and sweaty. Sticky as a honey bee. We'd filled a tub full of cool water and she happily lapped up the bath at the driveway.

Carefree and fun.

Just like how how we used to spend our childhood days.

My sister commented that kids these days don't play as much outdoors as we used to as kiddos. Which is pretty true to a certain extent. These days, the boys play so much more in indoor playgrounds as compared to an open aired one. (So that us mummies can natter in an air conditioned environment.)

D and I used to bring them to the beach once in a while but this has stopped lately due to all the weekend festivities that we have to attend.

Perhaps once this wedding(s) season ends, we can resume that again. =)

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