Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lil K - 23 months on

Dear K,

You turn 23 months today. Almost at the doorstep of turning two.

Mummy cannot believe that time has passed so quickly. You have grown so much in the last few months.

These days, you are no longer the little baby that needs to have me around all the time.

When we are home, you are happy to play by yourself. You will wander in and out of the bedrooms lugging your chosen toy along. You'll choose your DVD and then set it up in the DVD player, all by yourself. After which, you will put the old DVD back to its original casing. You love to sing and play pretend these days. And you love to read. Sometimes, you will plead with Mama to let you play with the IPad for a while.

These little steps are just little assertions of how independent you really are.

By far, my darling, you are way ahead of your brothers when they were your age. The way you act and speak does not reflect how old you are. It's really like seeing a mini me in action.

Sometimes you make me laugh the hardest when I am disciplining Korkor and you will either stand next to me or hide behind me and pretend to 'scold' him too. It is the most amusing but, of course, you will be told that this is not how you should be treating Korkors. And you will giggle and walk away.

You certainly act like both Daddy and me, both the good and the bad.

If only you know that you are only twenty three months, darling. There is still a whole wide world for you to explore.

You know, we are so glad that you love your food. There was a stage when I was away and you'd stop liking food and preferred milk. Well, I'm glad that we've sorted that out. You are such a happy little kid, willing to try most things we put in front of you. Sometimes, even the spicy ones. We'd think that you, out of three, are the most adventurous in food.

I was just telling Daddy that I let you get away with a lot of mischief because you are my last baby. And now that you are starting to understand the meaning of cause and effect, it's time that we start to teach you the right from the wrong.

It's really only a couple of months before you start school. And I'm worried that you will be really upset when I leave you behind. So I'm gonna enrol you in playschool for a bit to let you get used to the idea of school. Hopefully, you will adapt to it.

We brought you to Penang this month for Auntie T's wedding. And you were just the cutest little gal in a white dress. You were so well behaved on the plane ride to and fro. And we had so much fun traveling as a group. Grandpa loved having you as his companion for this trip. =)

It amazes me that you are growing so quickly and yet you are still little.
I love how cheeky you are and how you always bring a smile to the faces of people around you. I hope this would mean that you will always be the happy child that you are.

Happy 23 months, my little one.


  1. oh little k, your smile melts my heart! :)

  2. Oh Zhing! We should def do coffee when u get back.:) will be heading to HK Disneyland instead :((

  3. i just realised you have this blogspot site :) lil K is the cutest little thing! i love that pic of her with her mouth open staring at the mag. makes me LOL! can't believe she's almost 2!

  4. Ooh this has always been the primary site. :) I find blogger friendlier than LJ. :) Lil K is growing up waaay too quickly! :) I think we need to freeze time.


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