Wednesday, September 14, 2011

G & Y's Wedding

About to take their vows.

If there is something the husband holds near to his heart, it is his bunch of good friends from school. The years that we've been together, I have seen how they go through the different phases in life together. (And this is just part of their journey.)

Over the weekend, one of the boys got married and we were there to celebrate his matrimony with his equally lovely bride.

Held in the gorgeous Suburbia in Sentosa, we had a great time catching up with friends. Thank goodness the weather held up cause the clouds were threatening to open up all evening.

Looking back at the photo montage, it's amazing how far these guys have come along, I mean, there was even a picture of Kayden only one week old in one of the pictures. How cool is that?

Most of all, it was an evening filled with love and anticipation of a new life. So to that we congratulate our friends with all the happiness and joy in the world!
Saying her I Do's

Catching up with old friends.

Can you believe these boys knew each other since they were twelve?

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