Monday, August 08, 2011

The Tokyo Bikes Launch

Me and my Bike
Photo by Chan Min from "This is Albert" -

There is a something about a Tokyo Bike.

It is simple. It is chic. And it gives a pretty darn smooth ride when you are out on the road.

Assorted Bikes

When you head into their store down at Haji Lane, you will see a whole range of bikes with the most beautiful colors that will make your purchasing decision a whole lot harder. They all look so yummy!

I had such a hard time deciding.

In the end, I got a white classic bike, which is still massive <3 today.

Tokyo Bikes Launch - Closing Store

Last week, D and I attended their official launch.

A bunch of riders were gathered at the store where we then did a short ride up to Mt Emily where the party was held at Wild Oats.

Tokyo Bikes Launch -  Assort

It was all very chilled, the waiting staff were ready with welcome drinks when we arrived. We had time to mingle and vote for the best bike name. We got to meet the founder too. There were, also, plenty of canapes for us to sink our hungry teeth too. And they were simply delish! We had a good time that evening.

Leaving the party
Photo by Chan Min from "This is Albert" -

When you plan to buy a Tokyo bike, you get to meet the lovely peeps at the store who offer you a trial ride, tell you come by and hang out, or just bring your bike in for a service. They are a great bunch! So hey! drop in to take a look and ask for either Jose or Barry. They will look after you and who knows? You might just like what you see. =)


  1. i have a tokyo bike too! i got the classic black!

    we should go riding when i come home! we'd look cool together! :)

  2. Yeah! We can be the monochrome Tokyo bikers. I <3 how easy the ride is on those bikes :)


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