Friday, August 05, 2011

The Primary 1 Registration Experience

Finally, we are done with the primary one registration for our boy.

When D and I first discussed the school options for the boys, we decided that we wanted to send them to a single sex school as their first formal school. We were quite keen on a well rounded education for them. Cause it is important to us that our kids would have an exposure to a myriad array of Co-cirriculum activities, especially sports. So that was what we set out to find.

After doing some research, and attending a few parenting volunteering introductory sessions with the principals - which we didn't pursue, we decided on one.

I spent the last few weeks monitoring the progress of the enrolment numbers and prayed that there would not be much changes to the data, as compared to the numbers of the previous years. Thankfully, things were pretty much constant.

Last week, bright and early on Wednesday morning, we headed off to the school with the boy in tow.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a queue number and some forms to fill. The first question was, "Do you live within 1 km?", which we were.

The boy, oblivious to everything that was going on, had his focus on the Ipad.

After submitting our forms and getting them checked, we were out of the door in 15 minutes, where we then brought the boy on a tour around the school.

He looked pleased and a little scared because the grounds are bigger than his current kindergarten. Plus, it's going to be a whole new ball game where he has to make new friends and start all over again.

Three days on, we learnt that we had to ballot for a place in the school, which will take place a week on. Our odds were not too bad. 75 for 63.

Still, I was internally freaking out because even though I had a Plan B but I was afraid we would have to ballot in that phase too, should this option not work out.

So this morning, the hubs and I were in an auditorium with a whole bunch of other people.

The Principal was announcing the names of the kids alphabetically when we walked in, and her staff were folding the ballot slips behind as she goes through the list. (Singaporeans get two slips, whilst PRs get one)

Soon, all the papers were in the square transparent box, which was subsequently given a quick toss.

8 parents got to pick 8 slips of papers each.

Soon, it was undergoing. You can start to slice through the tension in the air. Name after name was called out, and still the boy's name was not on the list!

I must admit that I was almost in major panic they went past the 40th mark. Then at no 49, the name of another 'Kaden' got called out! It was so close!

By this time, I was hovering on the notion that we have to consider Plan B.'Siao liao, siao liao', was running in my head!

However, 5 slots later, I heard a familiar name and, immediately and unconsciously, I let out a big gasp.

It felt like the week's tension has been lifted.

By the time, they got to the end, the last name that was called garnered a big sigh from that Mummy.

And then it was all over.

12 parents walked out without a place. One mother was crying. A few were talking to the principal to discuss options.

The husband and I stayed a little to double check and then we walked out thanking God that our boy (and subsequently now his little brother) is now set for his Primary school education.


  1. yikes! i got nervous for you! :) its soooo competitive!!!

    p.s. yayy for kayden but im already imagining your little kate in mgs uniform. so stinkin' cute!!! :) xx

  2. Lol! It is competitive. At least for the parents. =) But thankfully we didn't have to go through it again for #2. =)

    I'm toying with the idea of either sending her there or SCGS or St Marg's, which is my alma mater. I can just imagine her with her pony tails. =) xx


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