Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Lamb Shashoka

Having three kids in our little nook means that, most of the time, attention is divided into three parts.

We spend most days doing things as a family.

Between the husband's work, the kids schooling and activities, plus my schedule, we rarely have a spot of personal time with each kid alone.

This morning, my parents hopped by. They were going to run some errands and offered to take the two younger ones out with them.

Which gave us a chance to have brunch with my ever active and loving firstborn. We headed to Artichoke for a bit of a bite cause that was what he wanted.

A quiet nook

Sitting at the nook of the courtyard, we ate and talked and just relished in the quietness of having just one child. He absolutely loved it and basked in the 100% attention showered upon him by his parents.

The Cheeky fella

It was great.

We should do this again. x3.

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