Friday, August 05, 2011

Lil K @ 21 Months

Big smiles

My little pumpkin pie is all of 21 months now. Just three months shy of turning two!

Brought her for a regular check up last week and the tyke is currently standing at 85cm and weighs 13.3kg, which puts her on 90th percentile.

SHE laughs a lot at this stage. Is very possessive of her mummy, especially when Daddy's around. Loves to sing all kinds of songs including the Bieber's Baby Baby. Gets into lil fist fights with her kor kors. Imitates everything her brothers do. Still adores her grandpa. Nuzzles her face into my neck when she wants to go to bed. Has already had a couple of terrible twos moments. Screams when she gets really mad. Dances the cutest moves to Elmo's songs. Is an old hand at working the ipad. Points to herself in pictures and say Mei Mei. Is totally fearless. And everything I ever dreamt of.

Sometimes my heart pulls a little at how fast she is growing. And I want to bottle her up and keep her by my side forever. =)

Can you tell how much I love you, my baby girl? xx

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