Friday, August 19, 2011

Helpers, or not?

Eight months in.

Three maids in the house.

It certainly felt like we have had full time help for a really long time.

At this moment, we are back down to none.

Out of three helpers, only number 1 was awesome. The second one was sent back within three days because she could not speak nor understand English.

Number 3 was the clincher. A sneaky one who kept secrets behind our back and lied & lied & lied when she was caught red handed. I was intensely upset. You could've asked for more mobile phone usage and you should've known that smoking is a big no no.

It is not the acts that were done but more the scheming and lying that made me wanna scream my head off at her. In the end, I chose to send her back immediately. This is not someone I would like living in my house. No thank you.

Day 3 in without help. We are doing okay! I relish the privacy that we had, albeit a lil inconvenience with the babysitting arrangement and all. However, when you have family that helps out whenever they can, we will survive.

Till the next helper comes, I pray we find one with good attitude.

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