Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Step into Ballet

First Ballet Class
She was the littlest in her class.
(And probably too young to be starting class, proper.)
But she's been twirling and dancing little circles at home.
So we went for a trial.
And when we got into the studio, she was just the tiniest lil tutu dancer.
My heart paused for a little.
I wanted to just walk away with her.
But stayed we did.
At first, she sat in the line with the other girls.
Then the childlike innocence came out
she ran across the room squeaking ,'Mummy!'
After a quick cuddle, she ran back to the line.
It made me laugh.
Throughout the class, she would listen to the teacher at times
and followed her own agenda at others.
It was fine by me.
When it was over, she smiled at the little sticker that was awarded.
and said, 'I like dance.'
So we might do a couple more trials.
As long as she enjoys it in her childlike way.
That's all mummy wants.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Goodness

I am always thankful for August.

It's my cue for the start of birthday season.

All of my babies had birth dates close to a family member. It is funny how close they were to being born on the same day as their aunt or grandmother, and so it makes it so easy to remember all the other birthdays too.

Jakey turned 5 last week. Having been relegated to sharing birthdays with his older brother, we'd decided to throw him a party this year.

A bunch of his friends and cousins came by to celebrate at Go Go Bambini. My lil fella was so thrilled being the birthday boy that he was grinning like a Cheshire cat all day.

Jake Turns 5

Then, we celebrated Dad's birthday a week later (although his birthday was earlier than the boy's. =)

A milestone of measures. It was the turning of a decade.
Celebrating Dad's birthday

Turns out the restaurant that we booked had only another table that night. So it was almost like private dining with generous servings to boot! I think we'd packed half of the food back home. Plus, the kids had heaps of space to run. Score!

Happy birthday to two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Helpers, or not?

Eight months in.

Three maids in the house.

It certainly felt like we have had full time help for a really long time.

At this moment, we are back down to none.

Out of three helpers, only number 1 was awesome. The second one was sent back within three days because she could not speak nor understand English.

Number 3 was the clincher. A sneaky one who kept secrets behind our back and lied & lied & lied when she was caught red handed. I was intensely upset. You could've asked for more mobile phone usage and you should've known that smoking is a big no no.

It is not the acts that were done but more the scheming and lying that made me wanna scream my head off at her. In the end, I chose to send her back immediately. This is not someone I would like living in my house. No thank you.

Day 3 in without help. We are doing okay! I relish the privacy that we had, albeit a lil inconvenience with the babysitting arrangement and all. However, when you have family that helps out whenever they can, we will survive.

Till the next helper comes, I pray we find one with good attitude.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Lamb Shashoka

Having three kids in our little nook means that, most of the time, attention is divided into three parts.

We spend most days doing things as a family.

Between the husband's work, the kids schooling and activities, plus my schedule, we rarely have a spot of personal time with each kid alone.

This morning, my parents hopped by. They were going to run some errands and offered to take the two younger ones out with them.

Which gave us a chance to have brunch with my ever active and loving firstborn. We headed to Artichoke for a bit of a bite cause that was what he wanted.

A quiet nook

Sitting at the nook of the courtyard, we ate and talked and just relished in the quietness of having just one child. He absolutely loved it and basked in the 100% attention showered upon him by his parents.

The Cheeky fella

It was great.

We should do this again. x3.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Tokyo Bikes Launch

Me and my Bike
Photo by Chan Min from "This is Albert" -

There is a something about a Tokyo Bike.

It is simple. It is chic. And it gives a pretty darn smooth ride when you are out on the road.

Assorted Bikes

When you head into their store down at Haji Lane, you will see a whole range of bikes with the most beautiful colors that will make your purchasing decision a whole lot harder. They all look so yummy!

I had such a hard time deciding.

In the end, I got a white classic bike, which is still massive <3 today.

Tokyo Bikes Launch - Closing Store

Last week, D and I attended their official launch.

A bunch of riders were gathered at the store where we then did a short ride up to Mt Emily where the party was held at Wild Oats.

Tokyo Bikes Launch -  Assort

It was all very chilled, the waiting staff were ready with welcome drinks when we arrived. We had time to mingle and vote for the best bike name. We got to meet the founder too. There were, also, plenty of canapes for us to sink our hungry teeth too. And they were simply delish! We had a good time that evening.

Leaving the party
Photo by Chan Min from "This is Albert" -

When you plan to buy a Tokyo bike, you get to meet the lovely peeps at the store who offer you a trial ride, tell you come by and hang out, or just bring your bike in for a service. They are a great bunch! So hey! drop in to take a look and ask for either Jose or Barry. They will look after you and who knows? You might just like what you see. =)

Friday, August 05, 2011

Lil K @ 21 Months

Big smiles

My little pumpkin pie is all of 21 months now. Just three months shy of turning two!

Brought her for a regular check up last week and the tyke is currently standing at 85cm and weighs 13.3kg, which puts her on 90th percentile.

SHE laughs a lot at this stage. Is very possessive of her mummy, especially when Daddy's around. Loves to sing all kinds of songs including the Bieber's Baby Baby. Gets into lil fist fights with her kor kors. Imitates everything her brothers do. Still adores her grandpa. Nuzzles her face into my neck when she wants to go to bed. Has already had a couple of terrible twos moments. Screams when she gets really mad. Dances the cutest moves to Elmo's songs. Is an old hand at working the ipad. Points to herself in pictures and say Mei Mei. Is totally fearless. And everything I ever dreamt of.

Sometimes my heart pulls a little at how fast she is growing. And I want to bottle her up and keep her by my side forever. =)

Can you tell how much I love you, my baby girl? xx

The Primary 1 Registration Experience

Finally, we are done with the primary one registration for our boy.

When D and I first discussed the school options for the boys, we decided that we wanted to send them to a single sex school as their first formal school. We were quite keen on a well rounded education for them. Cause it is important to us that our kids would have an exposure to a myriad array of Co-cirriculum activities, especially sports. So that was what we set out to find.

After doing some research, and attending a few parenting volunteering introductory sessions with the principals - which we didn't pursue, we decided on one.

I spent the last few weeks monitoring the progress of the enrolment numbers and prayed that there would not be much changes to the data, as compared to the numbers of the previous years. Thankfully, things were pretty much constant.

Last week, bright and early on Wednesday morning, we headed off to the school with the boy in tow.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a queue number and some forms to fill. The first question was, "Do you live within 1 km?", which we were.

The boy, oblivious to everything that was going on, had his focus on the Ipad.

After submitting our forms and getting them checked, we were out of the door in 15 minutes, where we then brought the boy on a tour around the school.

He looked pleased and a little scared because the grounds are bigger than his current kindergarten. Plus, it's going to be a whole new ball game where he has to make new friends and start all over again.

Three days on, we learnt that we had to ballot for a place in the school, which will take place a week on. Our odds were not too bad. 75 for 63.

Still, I was internally freaking out because even though I had a Plan B but I was afraid we would have to ballot in that phase too, should this option not work out.

So this morning, the hubs and I were in an auditorium with a whole bunch of other people.

The Principal was announcing the names of the kids alphabetically when we walked in, and her staff were folding the ballot slips behind as she goes through the list. (Singaporeans get two slips, whilst PRs get one)

Soon, all the papers were in the square transparent box, which was subsequently given a quick toss.

8 parents got to pick 8 slips of papers each.

Soon, it was undergoing. You can start to slice through the tension in the air. Name after name was called out, and still the boy's name was not on the list!

I must admit that I was almost in major panic they went past the 40th mark. Then at no 49, the name of another 'Kaden' got called out! It was so close!

By this time, I was hovering on the notion that we have to consider Plan B.'Siao liao, siao liao', was running in my head!

However, 5 slots later, I heard a familiar name and, immediately and unconsciously, I let out a big gasp.

It felt like the week's tension has been lifted.

By the time, they got to the end, the last name that was called garnered a big sigh from that Mummy.

And then it was all over.

12 parents walked out without a place. One mother was crying. A few were talking to the principal to discuss options.

The husband and I stayed a little to double check and then we walked out thanking God that our boy (and subsequently now his little brother) is now set for his Primary school education.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Summer Iced Tea

Summer Iced Tea

I was out having lunch with a girlfriend at a cafe when I had the most delicious glass of iced tea.

Perfect for this crazy warm spell that we are experiencing at the moment.

It got me intrigued and I headed off to the supermarket to buy some ingredients to recreate it.

And here's the recipe for my concoction of a refreshing summer iced tea.

1 can of lychees (chilled)
1 pitcher of iced earl gray tea, approximately 5 tea bags to 1.5 litres
A handful of mint leaves

To make the lychee ice cubes
1. Put small pieces of lychees and small tears of mint leaves into the ice cube tray.
2. Fill half of the ice cube tray with lychee syrup.
3. Top up the rest of the tray with water.
4. Freeze.

To put together the drink, all you have to do is.
1. Fill a glass with a mix of normal and the lychee ice.
2. Garnish with some mint leaves and lychees.
3. Pour 1/4 of the glass with lychee syrup
4. Pour in the iced tea, sweetened to your liking.

I'd reckon that it'd make a great drink for a garden party so this is going into my collection of recipes.


PS: I used Earl Gray because I loved the smell of bergamot, but feel free to use any other kind of tea, if you'd like.
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