Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Sebastian Memories

Mini San Sebas Collage
Two words.

San Sebastian.

A gorgeous beach town at the northern part of the Basque Country.

The town that has the highest density of Michelin starred restaurants per square foodfoot.

And a vibe that it is a town that is perpetually on holiday.

A landscape picture of San Sebastian

I was almost afraid that I would be bored by this leg of our travel plans but San Sebastian has other plans for me. It is unbelievably picturesque with a laidback lifestyle to boot.

The beach was filled to the brim with teenagers either playing paddle ball or volleyball. The boardwalk had an exhibition on the history of surfing. Gotta love the smell of the sea filling up the airways.

beach outlook
Beach Side View

It was a busy weekend. Down by the esplanade, all the al fresco tables were taken and the streets were filled with streams of people. We had to fight the throes of people walking through town.

Busy Sidewalks of San Sebas
Couple walking along

So we sought refuge at the harbour.
Harbour & Jetty

But it turns out that it's just as packed. So we gave up and kinda just went back to the hotel to put our feet up for a bit. =)

Busy Port

Next up, food!

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