Sunday, July 03, 2011

Madrid - Mercado San Miguel

After a couple of days in Barcelona, we hopped, skipped and plane-d it to Madrid.

We were famished when we were done checking in, and armed with a map of the city together with some tips from the reception we went on a hunt for some food.

That was when we stumbled on upon this market that was just bustling with people.

Mercado San Miguel - A Foodie's Heaven

A glass house of gourmet delights, Mercado San Miguel, was something of a food haven for people looking for a food oasis in the midst of the city.

Loved the slick and clean interiors of this market

It had high celings lined with gorgeous brown beams with a spacious interiors of stalls lining in really neat sections with huge selections of food for anyone.

Croquettes of different flavors for your selection

There are stalls selling fresh oysters shucked to your order, and of course, because we were in Spain, fresh hand sliced jamon which you'll pay good money for. There are warm treats like croquettes and cooked tapas that you can order. Plenty to choose from.

D and I had such a treat walking through the aisles deciding what we wanted to eat. It was tough. In the end, we just decided on a bit of everything.

The menu for steaks

Delicious oily jamon iberico

I was really intrigued by the entire idea of a food market because, by and large, most markets that I have visited are produce markets with a food section. So this was, to me, a real pleasant find.

It was definitely one of my favourite moments in this trip!

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