Friday, July 29, 2011

Picturesque Bordeaux

We took a lil French break whilst we were in San Sebastian.

Whilst driving up to San Sebastian from Bilbao, we realise that there were signs pointing to Bordeaux.

That was when we realised that the gorgeous San Sebastian is a two hour drive from the wine region of South of France.

Hiaks! What luck?

We had wanted to do a little bit of country traveling during our last trip to Paris but that was not to be. So this time round, we were quite determined to make our way there for a day trip.

Road Trip

So bright and early on a Sunday morning, we set off on our journey of vineyards. It didn't take us long to get to the border before we were in France. After driving past some famous beaches, we got to Bordeaux town in good time.
Walking Around Town

You will know when you hit Bordeaux. First thing you will see is a row of uniformed square buildings that just shows off its historical french architecture. I loved what I saw. The air felt different. The place has such a resort feeling that one feels at ease when as we drove through the town.

But the thing is, being Sunday, most of the stores were closed. =( Plus, we were there in the morning so it wasn't really the perfect time to visit.


First thing we did was get breakfast. After two weeks of pintxos, I was just glad to have a glass of OJ with a cuppa latte and omelette for brekkie. Nothing fancy. It was so simply prepared but yet we inhaled everything within minutes. =)

After hopping into the Tourist Office (which is really just about the only thing open. Okay... I'm sounding bitter now =p), where they arranged our wine tours, we went on a quick walkabouts around town.

Sunday market

And had the good fortune to run into a Sunday market.

There we had fresh oysters shucked to your order, served with a glass of white vino.

Feet. =)
Oysters Love

A store that sells paella. With more shellfish than rice. Isn't this a first? =)


Meandering through the market a little, we perused the stalls selling fresh produce, baked goods, flowers. I had to keep my fingers to myself because I was so tempted to buy something back to cook. It was so all so enticing. Can you tell that I love markets when I travel?

Market Stores
Sunday Market

I grabbed a quick nutella crepe before we had to leave for the St Emilion region. So I guess our next post will be about vino, vino and more vinos. =)


  1. Oh my goodness, that paella looks AMAZING. I've been having a craving for awhile.

  2. It does look incredible. It was a pity we were too stuffed to eat anymore. =)


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