Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pounding the Streets of Barcelona

Inside the church of Santa Maria del Mar

Barcelona is quite an interesting place to let your sense of direction down and just follow where the windy little street curves bring you. There have been times where we just let our guard down and just explore the nooks and corners of this town where we were met with little surprises.

I must admit that being on vacation encourages that because, being in mostly mom mode, it's really getting from point A to point B in the fastest way possible all the time. So this time round, we really just took our time to savour the sights.

Makes for a good time to relax with the husband and bask in 100% attention. Something that we definitely don't have when the kiddos are around. Love it. Great relationship tip, I must say.

One area we loved was the Born area. There are museums and tapas and shopping. Plus it's quite mediveal with the high city walls. Simply gorgeous. Go there when you are in Barcelona.

Store selling bags using recycled billboards

Loved the Graffiti near the Dali Museum in the Born area

Tapas joint near the Piccaso museo

Cava and Tapas makes a great arvo snack in this joint.

Hanging out at Born


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