Friday, June 17, 2011

Eat Barcelona: Pinotxo Bar

When you are at the La Bouqueria market, one stall will stand out in terms of its location and its crowd.

The orange signboarded Pinotxo Bar, situated right at the entrance of the market, serves freshly prepared 'homestyled' food to anyone that can grab one out of the fifteen coveted seats available. [which explains why there's always someone breathing down your neck when you eat. =)]

Cooking sausages on the grill

Friendly and pretty amazing in understanding tourist language, the cooks will recommend the dishes they have for the day, based on the produce they have, and you take your pick. [Cos it's a monday, there were no seafood choices for us. =(]

D happy to grab a seat, at last!

The food comes quick and piping hot. And it was delicious. We had a coffee to go along and, if you ask, they will give you a part of a baguette to soak up the sauces from your plate.

OMG the typical crowd. You can wait up to 30 minutes for a seat

And even though it's batshit busy, they will not rush you through your meal. Instead, you are welcome to a second coffee and, by the time you are through, most likely you are good to move on to the next item of your itinerary.

My best tip. Get there before 9am and also do your research on their menu online.

Great way to start the day. And here's what we had.

Grilled Sausage.

Croquettes. Deep fried potato balls with aa variety of creamy fillings

Beef Stew. Rich chewy texture and filled with beans and raisins. It was comfort food.

Tripes. It was peppery and tasty.

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