Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun and Sand

The sun finally came out of its hiding.

After months of rain, it has been scorching hot here in this sunny island for the last few days.

So we packed everyone into the car and set off for the beach.

Slapped on the sunblock and threw some beach toys for them to muck around the sand for a lazy Sunday arvo.

Very much like what we used to do so very often in the good old Melbourne summer.

All my kids wanted was to build a sandcastle and swim. =)

Hanging out with Miss Cheeky

It was the best family activity in such a long while. We have been so caught up with life that we haven't had time to indulge the kids for something as simple as this. And I'm glad we did today. We all had such a good time.

And when they were all packed up to head home, we had all three kids dozing off in the car. Best kinda day, I'd say.

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