Friday, May 06, 2011

Iron Anniversarie

The morning I was wedded to the man for six years, I woke up to a morning sight like this.

Breakfast with two of my biggest loves sharing a tender moment

Time is an amazing tool.

Whilst it feels like forever, it has also been such a blink of an eye.

I guess when you have been together for quite awhile (almost a decade with our dating days), it makes time pass a little bit quicker than usual. Plus, three kids does make everything go faster like clockwork.

So in the evening, we shelved our fancy dinner plans for a pole dancing competition which was wow wow wow! No regrets there.

Followed by this simple meal at Artichoke, where Chef Bjorn is always happy to accommodate our appetites and whip up amazing Moorish stuff for us. It was delish!

But it wouldn't be complete without a picture to see where we are six years down the road.

Happy Anniversary, Hubs! Love love you heaps!

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