Thursday, May 05, 2011

Being Boy 5.5

The boy turns all of six this year.

A far cry from the toddler that was barely speaking much when we first landed in SG 2.5 years back.

He is still very much a boys boy. Active. Very much awake from the morn till the time his head hits the pillow with nary a nap in sight. It's quite hard to keep him still for a minute.

These days, he's very much into his friends. He sings the songs they sing. He talks the way they do. It's funny how important friends are to him at this stage. I guess it's gonna weigh more as he gets older.

Needless to say, along with the need to be independent, he's also been quite defiant. It's part of the growing up process but it's quite a tough part to manage because he only tends to listen when I get mad. Headache headache.

But the saving grace is always at the end of the night when he gets tucked into bed, that he gives his mother a big hug and a tender kiss.

And just like that, he becomes my little boy, again. (Well, till the next morning!)

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