Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun and Sand

The sun finally came out of its hiding.

After months of rain, it has been scorching hot here in this sunny island for the last few days.

So we packed everyone into the car and set off for the beach.

Slapped on the sunblock and threw some beach toys for them to muck around the sand for a lazy Sunday arvo.

Very much like what we used to do so very often in the good old Melbourne summer.

All my kids wanted was to build a sandcastle and swim. =)

Hanging out with Miss Cheeky

It was the best family activity in such a long while. We have been so caught up with life that we haven't had time to indulge the kids for something as simple as this. And I'm glad we did today. We all had such a good time.

And when they were all packed up to head home, we had all three kids dozing off in the car. Best kinda day, I'd say.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom's Day

Isn't it funny that all I wanted for mother's day was a family picture?

And so just like that, after brunch, we found a perfectly black wall across the road and gathered for a quick picture.

And voila!

I got what I wished for.

Thanks R for the awesome photo!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!

18 Months of Bubba-liciousness.

With the little bub at 18 months old, she has evolved into a fiesty chatty toddler. Her vocabulary is mostly one worded phrases but it has expanded into small sentences like "I want bread" or "I want milk" or "What's that?".

I will walk with you, Tor Tor. (how she pronouces KorKor.)

She loves nothing more than walking around the mall (sigh!) and poking her head into every little store that she sees. Plus, every evening she would point towards the door and ask to be brought out for a walk.

Briyani is yummy, Mom!

The wonderful thing about her little stance on being independence is her want to self feed.

It is a very messy affair with most of the food landing everywhere but her mouth.

But practice makes perfect and she has been pretty successful lately in this area and I'm mightily proud that she did it in such a short time. Even though, the actualy eating process is quite long, la.

It does drive the husband stircrazy to see the mess that she creates and he tries to feed her to quicken the process but she would not have any of it! The mouth shuts and she shakes her head vehemently against her father's wishes.

Imma gonna get Daddy to buy me pear crisps, even if you won't, Mommy!

O the subborness! (My mother says she takes after her mum in this aspect!)

There's was a short hospital stint earlier on in the month because she's developed a sympton called Bells Palsy.

It happened rather quickly. One night after her bath, I noticed that her smile was rather crooked and it got me quite worried. After confirming with the GP (who's D's uncle) that it is bells palsy, we went off to the A&E of KK which they immediately decided to ward her. (Note: KK's A&E is really understaffed and thus the amount of care given is not optimal)

Now that is where it got tricky. It was Friday evening and the general plan was to keep her in the cot for TWO DAYS. Which D was not in agreement to because he knew that she would scream the ward down in less than hour (which was what happened.)

Watching youtube whilst waiting for the consultants

So the registrar spoke to her senior and based on past experience, they knew that it would take time for the nerve to heal so K was released and we'd brought her home to zzz.

It's been three weeks now and it's much better so I'm hoping it will go back to normal soon. Gonna head back to the doc for a follow up next week.

And then we move on to feeding others. =p

Other than that, I think I may have bred a drama queen.

There have been days where she would just fling herself onto the ground and sob when things don't go her way. Sometimes she'll run in a different direction and cry whilst looking back to see if we are chasing after her. And it has been quite exhausting bringing her out on my own, since I've been helperless for the last fortnight.

Cuddles for Puppy

Terribles twos aside... this little one has every single person nailed under her pinky. (Especially her Daddy and her Grandpa!) She loves to do her walkabout and say bye to every person in sight. She loves babies and would point them out by saying "BA-BEH!" And she loves to terrorise every single living animal that she sees out there, especially cats. Quite funny, really.

Loving a lil gal

I can't believe she's growing up so quickly. It's so true what they say about the last kiddo... time always fly!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Iron Anniversarie

The morning I was wedded to the man for six years, I woke up to a morning sight like this.

Breakfast with two of my biggest loves sharing a tender moment

Time is an amazing tool.

Whilst it feels like forever, it has also been such a blink of an eye.

I guess when you have been together for quite awhile (almost a decade with our dating days), it makes time pass a little bit quicker than usual. Plus, three kids does make everything go faster like clockwork.

So in the evening, we shelved our fancy dinner plans for a pole dancing competition which was wow wow wow! No regrets there.

Followed by this simple meal at Artichoke, where Chef Bjorn is always happy to accommodate our appetites and whip up amazing Moorish stuff for us. It was delish!

But it wouldn't be complete without a picture to see where we are six years down the road.

Happy Anniversary, Hubs! Love love you heaps!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Being Boy 5.5

The boy turns all of six this year.

A far cry from the toddler that was barely speaking much when we first landed in SG 2.5 years back.

He is still very much a boys boy. Active. Very much awake from the morn till the time his head hits the pillow with nary a nap in sight. It's quite hard to keep him still for a minute.

These days, he's very much into his friends. He sings the songs they sing. He talks the way they do. It's funny how important friends are to him at this stage. I guess it's gonna weigh more as he gets older.

Needless to say, along with the need to be independent, he's also been quite defiant. It's part of the growing up process but it's quite a tough part to manage because he only tends to listen when I get mad. Headache headache.

But the saving grace is always at the end of the night when he gets tucked into bed, that he gives his mother a big hug and a tender kiss.

And just like that, he becomes my little boy, again. (Well, till the next morning!)
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