Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working Out and Moving

Did something out of the norm today.

Got up at 630 and dashed off to the gym for an early morning workout.

By 8 in the morn, I was done with breakfast and a workout. Happy me, much!

It has been a crazy two weeks of packing and unpacking.

Thank goodness for movers from Helping Hands who did the entire moving. They literally came in and swept all the boxes off the ground and we did two loads in 4 hours. Epic fast, I'd say.

That morning, I was reminded that kindness begets kindness. We knew that being a morning job, the movers would probably have little to eat so we bought drinks and lunch for them. And, in return, they did an extra drop off for a fridge at my mum's and charged us only a quarter load for the second trip. It was a pleasant surprise when we saw the charges.

Anyway, I'm hoping to clear all the clutter by the end of the week and then it's back to home cooking. Eating out has been rather detrimental to the tummy. I'm feeling all the sodium so, hopefully, things will settle down soon and we can go back to normal life.

Till then, I need to find time to sit and write about Hong Kong.

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