Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Cutlery in a pouch

The hubbi turns a year older again yesterday.

I asked him a couple of weeks back if he would like to do something and he mentioned to keep it low key as we would be heading off for a trip at the end of the month. =)

And low key, it was.

Casual Dining, which I like

I'd arranged for our closest friends to have dinner at Pizzaria Mozza on Saturday night and it was just easy chats and laughs for what was a night off from all the work related stress the man has been facing for weeks.

It was very very pleasing to see him enjoy the food and the vino. Plus, the company made it all complete.

Would you believe that it's our first time at the Shoppes @ MBS? Must go back to explore soon! =) I see a lot of things that I like over there. =)

He woke up on his birthday morning to kisses and birthday greetings from the kids.

And we tootled on to a lazy morning of bak chor mee and coffee @ Loysel's Toy.

It was a cruisey one this year. There wasn't even a cake!

Happy birthday, Hunni! We love you! And I love you! =)

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