Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines 2011

We didn't have any dinner plans for Valentine's this year.

Strangely, whilst we have been quite consistent in celebrating both our dating and wedding anniversaries with nice dinners, Valentine's has always been a random dinner for us. Sometimes we celebrate it, sometimes we don't.

So this year, it was meant to be a normal one.

But, somehow, it suddenly dawned onto me during lunch that it doesn't take much for me to whip something nicerthanusual up in a short notice (plus it would make my husband a really happy man) so I got my act together and shopped for all the ingredients, in between the time my boys were in school and in enrichment class.

I got back at 7 and then in a spot of an hour and a bit, whipped up the following dinner. With the help of the husband, of course! He's always been my best sous chef.

We had the following for dinner tonight.

Jamie O's mushroom soup with cheese twists, courtesy of the post by my friend, A.

Grilled pork chops with Chopped Salad

Finished with chocolate dipped strawberries

I was so happy that he liked the dinner heaps. (And my boys were lapping up the soup and the strawberries.)

Afterall, the way to my man's heart is definitely through his stomach. =)

Happy Valentine's, my love! It has been such an incredible journey travelling along life with you.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    See the spread. My wife is such good cook and hence it puts a lot of the restaurant to shame.

    I love it when you cook ...

    Love you forever ....


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