Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kate The Sixteen Month-er

Dear K,

And just like that, you are sixteen months.

Although I have to say, baby girl, you are definitely NOT behaving like one.

We are constantly amazed at how advanced you are for your age.

You often think before doing anything. And if you come along to grab us by the finger, we know that you would already have hatched an idea in your head that you would like us to complete.

You LOVED this bunny

It is definitely a really cute stage right now. I would say the cutest, but, then again, I guess as you get older, Mama is going to repeat this same old sentence over and over again. So let's not go there.

Teasing your mother

What we really really love about you is your sense of humour. Girly, you know what would get us. You will make a funny face just to invoke a reaction from anyone. You love to tease us by pretending to do some contraband stuff that you know we don't approve and when we say, "No! Mei Mei!" You will break out in the funniest crackle and snigger away.

Rise and Shine

The early bird in you would rise at about half past seven and you would laze around in bed till your tummy rumbles. Then you'll call out, "Mommy Mommy" just to get me to open the door so that you can get a bottle of milk from Aunty D.

You have the best relationship with her. She completely gets you. She knows your little addiction to milk and how you would always cajole her to give you more by giving her your biggest smiles and cheekiest looks. When all of that fails, you would try to sayang her to get her to do your biding.

Observing how Kor Kor plays with your toy

These days, you talk a whole lot more. Your words are pretty distinct. Words like Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa are old news to you now. You've moved on to Bird, Pig, Cat, Woof Woof, Meow and other things now.

All set to hit the pool

Grandpa and you have such a special relationship. When he's around, no one else matters. Not even Mama. He absolutely spoils you. He sees you every other day and whenever you go over, he brings you out for long walks and bicycle rides. You should see how much joy you've brought him. It makes me smile when I think of that. Every little girl needs a grandpa who adores them. And you are one of the lucky ones.

Shopping @ TOTT

Just this month, I'd signed you up for school next year. It was a surprise to see the registration notice in KorKor's bag early on in the month. Daddy was like, "WHAT? SO SOON?" And I felt the same way too. But you know what? I think you will like school. Afterall, you have been going there since you were in utero and the teachers have seen you grow from the newborn that you were to the little lady that you are now.

Just the other day, when we were outside KorKor Jake's class, you pretended to put your princess bag into the cubby hole. We had such a good laugh about it. You can't wait to go, hey?

Daddy's gal

Daddy was away for a couple of days last week. And whilst you didn't act up during his absence. It was quite obvious that you missed him because you wouldn't let him out of your sight when he came back. He had to carry you and humour you for hours before you were willing to relinquish him to his own things. You are definitely his little girl. It's quite lovely to see how different your relationship is with him as compared to your brothers. There is a tenderness to it that brings a smile to my face.

I would finish off with one of my favourite antics of yours. Yiya and I call you our little politician. You love to wave at people that you walk past. There are plenty of blowkisses and smiles for the people that you see. Lately, the new trick is to walk up to kids of your size to SHAKE THEIR HANDS. Oh my! It was such a funny sight to see.

Perhaps politics is in your blood, my dear?

Sharing your muffin with Jake

I love you, my babykins. Like Yiyi said, maybe we should bottle an essence of you now so that we can always have this phase to look back on. =)
Happy Sixteen Months!!

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