Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blur Sotong??

We all make mistakes sometimes, no?

Well, it happened to me last night.

I was busy talking to my husband when I was online booking tickets to "Black Swan."

It was nine. And the show was at nine forty.

So we had literally slightly less than half an hour to get down to town to catch the show.

It was like Gran Turino.

After hastily dropping me off at the cinema, I ran up to the box office and literally just had time to catch a breath before presenting the credit card to the customer service lady.

Then the bomb dropped.

There was no booking?!

So she asked for the booking reference number.

Confidentally, I found myself handing over my Iphone over to her with the confirmation screen of my purchase.

She casually said,"Mam, The booking is for *insert said name of cinema*."

After mouthing some words of shock, I called the husband in my state of disbelief. lol! Obviously, I was too distracted by him to book the right show at the right place. =/

In my mother's words, I was "so stupid, lah."

Thank God, the manager allowed the original transaction to be refunded and reissued my tickets without much drama. Even though she did mentioned, this was done out of goodwill. But I was a happy lark. I knew I would've easily been told to buy new tickets.

The clincher was we had two hours to kill.

And what did we do?

Eat, of course.

In a funny twist of fate, we finally had time to try out Ippudo. Yumz.

Love the high ceilings

Whatsapping again?!

In my opinion, that was the good out of the blue for this blur queen on a random Saturday night.

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