Wednesday, February 09, 2011

All that milk smell...

The other day, my cousin had a prata party at his place.

It is the kind of party we like because 1. The kids were having a ball of a time with their cousins 2. We had both hands free to eat 3. We get to mingle with the other adults and talk.

So, anyway, it's baby season cause there were babies of all ages and sizes there.

And I got lucky cause I got the chance to hold a three month old little gal.

Ahh... the feeling of deja vu.

You know, where they are still cute and won't wiggle in your arms, plus they are still pre stranger-anxiety phase.

And I thought, "How nice to have another one to hold, again?"

Especially if it's a girl. *major swoon*

Then my husband burst my little bubble by saying, "Hunni, You are on your own for the fourth." Hur hur.

Ok, I geddit.

There are no more little me's coming out of moi.

Nice to hold, la. But I kinda like my full night's rest now. And I am at a stage where I can go do my things without fretting about the tykes. Plus, three healthy kids is such a gift, already. I don't wanna push it.

Unless, God plans it. We are not going to pursue it. =)

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