Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kate The Sixteen Month-er

Dear K,

And just like that, you are sixteen months.

Although I have to say, baby girl, you are definitely NOT behaving like one.

We are constantly amazed at how advanced you are for your age.

You often think before doing anything. And if you come along to grab us by the finger, we know that you would already have hatched an idea in your head that you would like us to complete.

You LOVED this bunny

It is definitely a really cute stage right now. I would say the cutest, but, then again, I guess as you get older, Mama is going to repeat this same old sentence over and over again. So let's not go there.

Teasing your mother

What we really really love about you is your sense of humour. Girly, you know what would get us. You will make a funny face just to invoke a reaction from anyone. You love to tease us by pretending to do some contraband stuff that you know we don't approve and when we say, "No! Mei Mei!" You will break out in the funniest crackle and snigger away.

Rise and Shine

The early bird in you would rise at about half past seven and you would laze around in bed till your tummy rumbles. Then you'll call out, "Mommy Mommy" just to get me to open the door so that you can get a bottle of milk from Aunty D.

You have the best relationship with her. She completely gets you. She knows your little addiction to milk and how you would always cajole her to give you more by giving her your biggest smiles and cheekiest looks. When all of that fails, you would try to sayang her to get her to do your biding.

Observing how Kor Kor plays with your toy

These days, you talk a whole lot more. Your words are pretty distinct. Words like Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa are old news to you now. You've moved on to Bird, Pig, Cat, Woof Woof, Meow and other things now.

All set to hit the pool

Grandpa and you have such a special relationship. When he's around, no one else matters. Not even Mama. He absolutely spoils you. He sees you every other day and whenever you go over, he brings you out for long walks and bicycle rides. You should see how much joy you've brought him. It makes me smile when I think of that. Every little girl needs a grandpa who adores them. And you are one of the lucky ones.

Shopping @ TOTT

Just this month, I'd signed you up for school next year. It was a surprise to see the registration notice in KorKor's bag early on in the month. Daddy was like, "WHAT? SO SOON?" And I felt the same way too. But you know what? I think you will like school. Afterall, you have been going there since you were in utero and the teachers have seen you grow from the newborn that you were to the little lady that you are now.

Just the other day, when we were outside KorKor Jake's class, you pretended to put your princess bag into the cubby hole. We had such a good laugh about it. You can't wait to go, hey?

Daddy's gal

Daddy was away for a couple of days last week. And whilst you didn't act up during his absence. It was quite obvious that you missed him because you wouldn't let him out of your sight when he came back. He had to carry you and humour you for hours before you were willing to relinquish him to his own things. You are definitely his little girl. It's quite lovely to see how different your relationship is with him as compared to your brothers. There is a tenderness to it that brings a smile to my face.

I would finish off with one of my favourite antics of yours. Yiya and I call you our little politician. You love to wave at people that you walk past. There are plenty of blowkisses and smiles for the people that you see. Lately, the new trick is to walk up to kids of your size to SHAKE THEIR HANDS. Oh my! It was such a funny sight to see.

Perhaps politics is in your blood, my dear?

Sharing your muffin with Jake

I love you, my babykins. Like Yiyi said, maybe we should bottle an essence of you now so that we can always have this phase to look back on. =)
Happy Sixteen Months!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kate the Little Cat Lover

Look what we've got, Mama!

Kate has been quite the animal lover, lately.

She has this really shy approach whenever she sees furry little things coming down her way. After spying the little creature in a suspicious manner, she will dance a little jiggle and giggle as she gets closer to the pet.

It is akin to a little lion dance but it is, in fact, my daughter who's just so adorable in her love for dogs and cats.

Good Kitty!

So, yesterday arvo, we were at Loewen Gardens when she spied a ginger cat lazing at a porch. And guess what she did?

Watch and see...

Untitled from Ballet Pumps on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remniscing New Zealand

3 years ago, D and I packed our boys into a 4 seater camper van and did a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand.

It was a mad trip. We drove A LOT during the eleven days and then found a camping site at night to hook up the electricity to the van for heating purposes. I gave up after 5 nights and we got an apartment for the rest of the trip. I won't say that I am keen to explore the campervan route again BUT New Zealand can happen for me any time and any day. In fact, I would have no quelms retiring in that place.

There is everything to love there. The fresh air. The breathtaking scenery. The All Blacks! Vineyards. Fresh food and lots of sports to do. Well... if I had my way, I would love to visit again. Sooner, rather than later.

So it was devastating to hear about the second earthquake in Christchurch this morning. This time, a whole lot more serious than the last one , which was only six months back. My heart goes to the people.

For now, I am only hoping that we can have thse memories again.

Crayfish by the roadside @ Kaikoura

Campervans in Hamner Springs

Vineyard @ Blenheim

Main man, Richie McCaw

Top of the Franz Josef Glacier

The tail end of the glacier

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blur Sotong??

We all make mistakes sometimes, no?

Well, it happened to me last night.

I was busy talking to my husband when I was online booking tickets to "Black Swan."

It was nine. And the show was at nine forty.

So we had literally slightly less than half an hour to get down to town to catch the show.

It was like Gran Turino.

After hastily dropping me off at the cinema, I ran up to the box office and literally just had time to catch a breath before presenting the credit card to the customer service lady.

Then the bomb dropped.

There was no booking?!

So she asked for the booking reference number.

Confidentally, I found myself handing over my Iphone over to her with the confirmation screen of my purchase.

She casually said,"Mam, The booking is for *insert said name of cinema*."

After mouthing some words of shock, I called the husband in my state of disbelief. lol! Obviously, I was too distracted by him to book the right show at the right place. =/

In my mother's words, I was "so stupid, lah."

Thank God, the manager allowed the original transaction to be refunded and reissued my tickets without much drama. Even though she did mentioned, this was done out of goodwill. But I was a happy lark. I knew I would've easily been told to buy new tickets.

The clincher was we had two hours to kill.

And what did we do?

Eat, of course.

In a funny twist of fate, we finally had time to try out Ippudo. Yumz.

Love the high ceilings

Whatsapping again?!

In my opinion, that was the good out of the blue for this blur queen on a random Saturday night.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Changes Changes.

After so many years of the old template, I finally took time yesterday to play around with the blog and ended up with a new blog 'face' that I really like.

You can say that since I started writing in Blogger, my life has evolved and changed so much.

What started out as a journal to mark the highlights of my then single life in Melbourne with the then-boyfriend now husband has now turned into one where I drop my thoughts on my kids and our marriage here in SG.

So yeah... I really like this design. I think it reflects my thoughts space and the stage of life I am at.

And I would like to know if you like it too, so if you would be so kind, drop a note to let me know.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines 2011

We didn't have any dinner plans for Valentine's this year.

Strangely, whilst we have been quite consistent in celebrating both our dating and wedding anniversaries with nice dinners, Valentine's has always been a random dinner for us. Sometimes we celebrate it, sometimes we don't.

So this year, it was meant to be a normal one.

But, somehow, it suddenly dawned onto me during lunch that it doesn't take much for me to whip something nicerthanusual up in a short notice (plus it would make my husband a really happy man) so I got my act together and shopped for all the ingredients, in between the time my boys were in school and in enrichment class.

I got back at 7 and then in a spot of an hour and a bit, whipped up the following dinner. With the help of the husband, of course! He's always been my best sous chef.

We had the following for dinner tonight.

Jamie O's mushroom soup with cheese twists, courtesy of the post by my friend, A.

Grilled pork chops with Chopped Salad

Finished with chocolate dipped strawberries

I was so happy that he liked the dinner heaps. (And my boys were lapping up the soup and the strawberries.)

Afterall, the way to my man's heart is definitely through his stomach. =)

Happy Valentine's, my love! It has been such an incredible journey travelling along life with you.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

All that milk smell...

The other day, my cousin had a prata party at his place.

It is the kind of party we like because 1. The kids were having a ball of a time with their cousins 2. We had both hands free to eat 3. We get to mingle with the other adults and talk.

So, anyway, it's baby season cause there were babies of all ages and sizes there.

And I got lucky cause I got the chance to hold a three month old little gal.

Ahh... the feeling of deja vu.

You know, where they are still cute and won't wiggle in your arms, plus they are still pre stranger-anxiety phase.

And I thought, "How nice to have another one to hold, again?"

Especially if it's a girl. *major swoon*

Then my husband burst my little bubble by saying, "Hunni, You are on your own for the fourth." Hur hur.

Ok, I geddit.

There are no more little me's coming out of moi.

Nice to hold, la. But I kinda like my full night's rest now. And I am at a stage where I can go do my things without fretting about the tykes. Plus, three healthy kids is such a gift, already. I don't wanna push it.

Unless, God plans it. We are not going to pursue it. =)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Ushering the Rabbit.

This has been the most relaxing new year so far.

We started visiting reallllly early in the morning on the first day of the lunar new year. So much so that by midday, we had been to three houses and caught up with most of our relatives.

I love CNY. It's really all about family, friends and food for me.

And, now that Kate came along, we have a little doll to dress up in a cheongsam!

Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy Lunar New Year!
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