Thursday, January 06, 2011

Left Behind

Yesterday, I did something I don't usually do.

I left Kate at home with my new helper.

I was rushing to get to my good friends' solemnization with the boys and made a last minute decision leave Kate at home. (cause her nap was overdue and she was uber cranky.)

My sister was on her way to my place to babysit her and there was a 15 minute interval between the time I left and she arrived.

After spending most of the day @ the Registry of Marriage, which was coincidentally the most unromantic place to get married, and then having a fantastic dinner at Restaurant Majestic, I went to pick the kiddo up from my aunt's.

I was then told that my little girl was so angry that we left the house without her that she shrieked for about 30 minutes before she succumbed to her nap.

The minute I walked into the door, her eyes just lit up and she came running to me.

It was the sweetest thing!

It also made me feel so bad for doing what I did in the arvo to her.

Bad Mummy!!

I will never do that to you again, baby girl.

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