Friday, January 28, 2011

Daniel Gets Married!

January is shaping up to be one for weddings.

We have three to attend this month and every one of them is an old friend from our Melbourne times.

With Little Notti K at the church wedding

Daniel married his childhood sweetheart last weekend and we were there to see the man sign his singlehood away. =) He was so happy that day that it makes our hearts sing to see our friend at the head of the altar.

A pic with the hubs

Dinner was a zany affair. We had the standard 8 course meal with a very awesome melting moments ending. The band was totally hitting the spot with the peranakans. Man! Can the uncles and aunties dance to the chachacha beat. Leaving us GenY-ers to shame.


Then it all went downhill after... the night evolved into some crazy mambo dancing and Michael Jackson spoofing, then came the missing tie incident where the owner lost his memory. (But it's ok! We have videos to prove that the night existed, guys!) It was followed by more drinking at Bar None before we called it a night. Phweee... Obviously our friends are still as crazy as ever.

Can't believe I woke up three hours later to attend a wake with my parentals. But it was a hoot! Congratulations guys! Hope you are having a blast in Bali now. =)

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